Library for lexing and parsing D source code
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Library for lexing and parsing D source code.


Online documentation is available here.

A HTML version of libdparse's grammar is also automatically generated.


CI Status

Tests are present in the test directory. To run them execute the script. Running the tests on Windows is not currently supported.

Differences with the official grammar

  • Static array initialization syntax. Due to ambiguities they are supported when the expression that gives the elements indexes is not an array. In the opposite case they are parsed as associative array literals.

Unsupported Syntax


dependency "libdparse" version="~>0.7"
import dparse.ast;
import std.stdio, std.range;

class TestVisitor : ASTVisitor
    alias visit = ASTVisitor.visit;
    int indentLevel;

    override void visit(const FunctionDeclaration decl)
        writeln(' '.repeat(indentLevel * 4),;
        scope (exit) indentLevel--;

void main()
    import dparse.lexer;
    import dparse.parser : parseModule;
    import dparse.rollback_allocator : RollbackAllocator;

    auto sourceCode = q{
        void foo() @safe {
            void bar();
    LexerConfig config;
    auto cache = StringCache(StringCache.defaultBucketCount);
    auto tokens = getTokensForParser(sourceCode, config, &cache);

    RollbackAllocator rba;
    auto m = parseModule(tokens, "test.d", &rba);
    auto visitor = new TestVisitor();

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