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$(D_S D 2.0 Enhancements from D 1.0,
$(P D 2.0 has many substantial language and library enhancements
compared with D 1.0.
This list does not include $(LINK2 changelog.html, bug fixes)
or $(LINK2, changes that were also made to D 1.0).
See the $(LINK2 D1toD2.html, D1 to D2 Migration Guide) for help
in converting source code.
$(SECTION2 Core Language Changes,
$(LI $(CODE opAssign) can no longer be overloaded for class objects.)
$(LI Added $(CODE pure) keyword.)
$(LI Extended $(LINK2 enum.html, enums) to allow declaration
of manifest constants.)
$(LI Added $(LINK2 struct.html#ConstStruct, const/immutable structs),
$(LINK2 class.html#ConstClass, classes) and
$(LINK2 interface.html#ConstInterface, interfaces).)
$(LI Added $(CODE const) and $(CODE immutable) to $(LINK2 expression.html#IsExpression, $(I IsExpression))s.)
$(LI Added $(CODE typeof(return)) type specifier.)
$(LI Added overloadable unary * operation as $(CODE opStar()).)
$(LI Full closure support added.)
$(LI Transformed all of $(CODE string), $(CODE wstring),
and $(CODE dstring) into immutable definitions).
$(LI Added $(LINK2 function.html#overload-sets, Overload Sets) for functions and templates.)
$(LI $(D std.math.sin), $(D cos), $(D tan) are now evaluated at
compile time if the argument is a constant.)
$(LI Added $(LINK2 cpp_interface.html, C++ interface) for $(SINGLEQUOTE plugins).)
$(LI Changed result type of
$(LINK2 expression.html#IsExpression, $(I IsExpression))
from $(CODE int) to $(CODE bool).)
$(LI Added optional $(I TemplateParameterList) to $(LINK2 expression.html#IsExpression, $(I IsExpression)).)
$(LI Added warning when $(CODE override) is omitted.)
$(LI Added new syntax for string literals (delimited, heredoc, D tokens))
$(LI Added $(CODE __EOF__) token)
$(LI Added $(LINK2 version.html#PredefinedVersions, $(B D_Version2))
predefined identifier to indicate this is a D version 2.0 compiler)
$(LI Added $(CODE .idup) property for arrays to create immutable
$(LI Added transitive const and immutable.)
$(LI $(CODE in) parameter storage class now means scope const.)
$(LI class and struct invariant declarations now must have a ().)
$(LI Added $(CODE isSame) and $(CODE compiles) to $(D_KEYWORD __traits).)
$(LI Added $(LINK2 statement.html#ForeachRangeStatement, ForeachRangeStatement)).
$(SECTION2 Phobos Library Changes,
$(LI $(LINK2 phobos/std_algorithm.html, std.algorithm): new module)
$(LI std.bitarray: scheduled for deprecation)
$(LI $(LINK2 phobos/std_bitmanip.html, std.bitmanip): new module with the content of std.bitarray plus the bitfields, FloatRep, and DoubleRep templates)
$(LI $(LINK2 phobos/std_contracts.html, std.contracts): new module)
$(LI $(LINK2 phobos/std_conv.html, std.conv):
Added $(CODE parse) and $(CODE assumeUnique).
Made $(CODE conv_error) a template parameterized on the types being
Massive additions.)
$(LI $(LINK2 phobos/std_file.html, std.file): added $(CODE dirEntries).)
$(LI $(LINK2 phobos/std_format.html, std.format):
Added raw ('r') format specifier for writef*.)
$(LI $(LINK2 phobos/std_functional.html, std.functional): new module)
$(LI $(LINK2 phobos/std_getopt.html,std.getopt): new module.)
$(LI std.hiddenfunc: new module)
$(LI $(LINK2 phobos/std_math.html, std.math): Made nextafter visible for all floating types. Added approxEqual template.)
$(LI $(LINK2 phobos/std_numeric.html, std.numeric): new module)
$(LI $(LINK2 phobos/std_path.html, std.path):
Added $(CODE rel2abs) (Linux version only).
Added the basename and dirname functions (which alias the
less gainful names getBaseName and getDirectoryName))
$(LI $(LINK2 phobos/std_process.html, std.process):
Made getpid visible in Linux builds)
$(LI $(LINK2 phobos/std_stdio.html, std.stdio):
Added $(CODE writeln()) and $(CODE write()),
$(CODE writef()) can now only accept a format as its first argument.
Added optional terminator to $(CODE readln).
Added functions $(CODE fopen), $(CODE popen),
$(CODE lines) and $(CODE chunks).)
$(LI $(LINK2 phobos/std_string.html, std.string):
Added munch function and added function chompPrefix.)
$(LI $(LINK2 phobos/std_random.html, std.random):
Major addition of engines and distributions.)
$(LI $(LINK2 phobos/std_traits.html, std.traits): new module)
$(LI $(LINK2 phobos/std_typecons.html, std.typecons): new module)
$(LI $(LINK2 phobos/std_variant.html, std.variant): new module.)
$(LI Incorporated many of the Tango GC structural differences (much more to go still).)
$(LI Overhaul phobos $(D linux.mak) and add documentation build logic)
$(LI Moved $(B next) member from $(B Object.Error) to $(B Object.Exception))
$(LI Renamed linux library from $(B libphobos.a) to $(B libphobos2.a))
TITLE=D 2.0 Specific Features