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Merge pull request #378 from Kapps/fix11001

Fix issue 11001 - Add documentation for __traits(getVirtualIndex).
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andralex committed Sep 10, 2013
2 parents 2b3d587 + 84934da commit 8a49be04853a11c4160d4ec52b7ca7a101c3c782
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@@ -45,6 +45,7 @@ $(GNAME TraitsKeyword):
$(GBLINK getVirtualMethods)
$(GBLINK parent)
$(GBLINK classInstanceSize)
$(GBLINK getVirtualIndex)
$(GBLINK allMembers)
$(GBLINK derivedMembers)
$(GBLINK isSame)
@@ -538,6 +539,15 @@ $(H2 $(GNAME classInstanceSize))
polymorphic type.
$(H2 $(GNAME getVirtualIndex))
$(P Takes a single argument which must evaluate to a function.
The result is a $(CODE ptrdiff_t) containing the index
of that function within the vtable of the parent type.
If the function passed in is final and does not override
a virtual function, $(B -1) is returned instead.
$(H2 $(GNAME allMembers))
$(P Takes a single argument, which must evaluate to either

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