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fix Issue 8130 - Memory corruption because without *.def file DMD com…

…piles DLL with assumption
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WalterBright committed Apr 7, 2013
1 parent e9f71ac commit 9bb8e01e1d53b9f3386d758c970f27646d014f49
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  2. +10 −0 dll.dd
@@ -648,9 +648,14 @@ $(COMMENT
$(SWITCH $(B -shared),
$(SWITCH2 -shared,
generate shared library
$(SWITCH2 -shared,
generate DLL library
$(SWITCH $(B -unittest),
compile in $(LINK2 unittest.html, unittest) code, turns on asserts, and sets the
@@ -1078,4 +1083,5 @@ Macros:
LIB=$(WINDOWS phobos.lib)$(UNIX libphobos2.a)
DMD_CONF=$(RELATIVE_LINK2 dmd_conf, dmd.conf)
SWITCH=$(DT $1)$(DD $+)
SWITCH2=$(DT $(LNAME2 switch$1,$(B $1)))$(DD $+)
10 dll.dd
@@ -17,11 +17,21 @@ $(D_S Writing Win32 DLLs in D,
$(P This guide will show how to create DLLs of various types with D.)
$(LI <a href="#compiling">Compiling a DLL</a>)
$(LI <a href="#Cinterface">DLLs with a C interface</a>)
$(LI <a href="#com">DLLs that are COM servers</a>)
$(LI <a href="#Dcode">D code calling D code in DLLs</a>)
$(H2 <a name="compiling">Compiling a DLL</a>)
$(P Use the $(DDSUBLINK dmd-windows,switch-shared, $(B -shared)) switch to tell the compiler
that the generated code is to be
put into a DLL. Code compiled for an EXE file will use the optimization assumption
that $(D _tls_index==0). Such code in a DLL will crash.
$(H2 <a name="Cinterface">DLLs with a C Interface</a>)
$(P A DLL presenting a C interface can connect to any other code

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