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Fix C++ mangling for repeated basic types that are target-specific. #9129

merged 1 commit into from Dec 23, 2018
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Just for now

Fix C++ mangling for repeated basic types that are target-specific.

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JohanEngelen committed Dec 23, 2018
commit ba8288e1a993bf923467e533cb06a7770efbdfbd
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@@ -1296,10 +1296,14 @@ extern(C++):
// Handle any target-specific basic types.
if (auto tm = Target.cppTypeMangle(t))
if (substitute(t))
// Only do substitution for mangles that are longer than 1 character.
if (tm[1] != 0 || t.isConst())

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joakim-noah Dec 23, 2018


Hmm, I noticed this discrepancy with writeBasicType when submitting my ldc pull, traced both changes back to Walter's pull, saw he added both blocks, and figured that's what he wanted, since I didn't know what this substitution was about. I should have asked about it then.

if (substitute(t))
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@@ -625,13 +625,18 @@ else
alias c_long_double myld;

extern (C++) myld testld(myld);
extern (C++) myld testldld(myld, myld);

void test15()
myld ld = 5.0;
ld = testld(ld);
assert(ld == 6.0);

myld ld2 = 5.0;
ld2 = testldld(ld2, ld2);
assert(ld2 == 6.0);

@@ -446,6 +446,12 @@ long double testld(long double ld)
return ld + 1;

long double testldld(long double ld1, long double ld2)
assert(ld1 == 5);
return ld2 + 1;

long testl(long lng)
assert(lng == 5);
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