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// Written in the D programming language.
This package implements generic algorithms oriented towards the processing of
sequences. Sequences processed by these functions define range-based
interfaces. See also $(MREF_ALTTEXT Reference on ranges, std, range) and
$(HTTP, tutorial on ranges).
$(SCRIPT inhibitQuickIndex = 1;)
Algorithms are categorized into the following submodules:
$(DIVC quickindex,
$(TR $(TH Submodule) $(TH Functions)
$(TDNW $(SUBMODULE Searching, searching))
$(SUBREF searching, all)
$(SUBREF searching, any)
$(SUBREF searching, balancedParens)
$(SUBREF searching, boyerMooreFinder)
$(SUBREF searching, canFind)
$(SUBREF searching, commonPrefix)
$(SUBREF searching, count)
$(SUBREF searching, countUntil)
$(SUBREF searching, endsWith)
$(SUBREF searching, find)
$(SUBREF searching, findAdjacent)
$(SUBREF searching, findAmong)
$(SUBREF searching, findSkip)
$(SUBREF searching, findSplit)
$(SUBREF searching, findSplitAfter)
$(SUBREF searching, findSplitBefore)
$(SUBREF searching, minCount)
$(SUBREF searching, maxCount)
$(SUBREF searching, minElement)
$(SUBREF searching, maxElement)
$(SUBREF searching, minIndex)
$(SUBREF searching, maxIndex)
$(SUBREF searching, minPos)
$(SUBREF searching, maxPos)
$(SUBREF searching, skipOver)
$(SUBREF searching, startsWith)
$(SUBREF searching, until)
$(TDNW $(SUBMODULE Comparison, comparison))
$(SUBREF comparison, among)
$(SUBREF comparison, castSwitch)
$(SUBREF comparison, clamp)
$(SUBREF comparison, cmp)
$(SUBREF comparison, either)
$(SUBREF comparison, equal)
$(SUBREF comparison, isPermutation)
$(SUBREF comparison, isSameLength)
$(SUBREF comparison, levenshteinDistance)
$(SUBREF comparison, levenshteinDistanceAndPath)
$(SUBREF comparison, max)
$(SUBREF comparison, min)
$(SUBREF comparison, mismatch)
$(SUBREF comparison, predSwitch)
$(TDNW $(SUBMODULE Iteration, iteration))
$(SUBREF iteration, cache)
$(SUBREF iteration, cacheBidirectional)
$(SUBREF iteration, chunkBy)
$(SUBREF iteration, cumulativeFold)
$(SUBREF iteration, each)
$(SUBREF iteration, filter)
$(SUBREF iteration, filterBidirectional)
$(SUBREF iteration, fold)
$(SUBREF iteration, group)
$(SUBREF iteration, joiner)
$(SUBREF iteration, map)
$(SUBREF iteration, mean)
$(SUBREF iteration, permutations)
$(SUBREF iteration, reduce)
$(SUBREF iteration, splitWhen)
$(SUBREF iteration, splitter)
$(SUBREF iteration, substitute)
$(SUBREF iteration, sum)
$(SUBREF iteration, uniq)
$(TDNW $(SUBMODULE Sorting, sorting))
$(SUBREF sorting, completeSort)
$(SUBREF sorting, isPartitioned)
$(SUBREF sorting, isSorted)
$(SUBREF sorting, isStrictlyMonotonic)
$(SUBREF sorting, ordered)
$(SUBREF sorting, strictlyOrdered)
$(SUBREF sorting, makeIndex)
$(SUBREF sorting, merge)
$(SUBREF sorting, multiSort)
$(SUBREF sorting, nextEvenPermutation)
$(SUBREF sorting, nextPermutation)
$(SUBREF sorting, nthPermutation)
$(SUBREF sorting, partialSort)
$(SUBREF sorting, partition)
$(SUBREF sorting, partition3)
$(SUBREF sorting, schwartzSort)
$(SUBREF sorting, sort)
$(SUBREF sorting, topN)
$(SUBREF sorting, topNCopy)
$(SUBREF sorting, topNIndex)
$(TDNW Set operations $(BR)($(SUBMODULE setops, setops)))
$(SUBREF setops, cartesianProduct)
$(SUBREF setops, largestPartialIntersection)
$(SUBREF setops, largestPartialIntersectionWeighted)
$(SUBREF setops, multiwayMerge)
$(SUBREF setops, multiwayUnion)
$(SUBREF setops, setDifference)
$(SUBREF setops, setIntersection)
$(SUBREF setops, setSymmetricDifference)
$(TDNW $(SUBMODULE Mutation, mutation))
$(SUBREF mutation, bringToFront)
$(SUBREF mutation, copy)
$(SUBREF mutation, fill)
$(SUBREF mutation, initializeAll)
$(SUBREF mutation, move)
$(SUBREF mutation, moveAll)
$(SUBREF mutation, moveSome)
$(SUBREF mutation, moveEmplace)
$(SUBREF mutation, moveEmplaceAll)
$(SUBREF mutation, moveEmplaceSome)
$(SUBREF mutation, remove)
$(SUBREF mutation, reverse)
$(SUBREF mutation, strip)
$(SUBREF mutation, stripLeft)
$(SUBREF mutation, stripRight)
$(SUBREF mutation, swap)
$(SUBREF mutation, swapRanges)
$(SUBREF mutation, uninitializedFill)
Many functions in this package are parameterized with a $(GLOSSARY predicate).
The predicate may be any suitable callable type
(a function, a delegate, a $(GLOSSARY functor), or a lambda), or a
compile-time string. The string may consist of $(B any) legal D
expression that uses the symbol `a` (for unary functions) or the
symbols `a` and `b` (for binary functions). These names will NOT
interfere with other homonym symbols in user code because they are
evaluated in a different context. The default for all binary
comparison predicates is `"a == b"` for unordered operations and
`"a < b"` for ordered operations.
int[] a = ...;
static bool greater(int a, int b)
return a > b;
sort!greater(a); // predicate as alias
sort!((a, b) => a > b)(a); // predicate as a lambda.
sort!"a > b"(a); // predicate as string
// (no ambiguity with array name)
sort(a); // no predicate, "a < b" is implicit
SUBMODULE = $(MREF_ALTTEXT $1, std, algorithm, $2)
SUBREF = $(REF_ALTTEXT $(TT $2), $2, std, algorithm, $1)$(NBSP)
Copyright: Andrei Alexandrescu 2008-.
License: $(HTTP, Boost License 1.0).
Authors: $(HTTP, Andrei Alexandrescu)
Source: $(PHOBOSSRC std/algorithm/package.d)
module std.algorithm;
public import std.algorithm.comparison;
public import std.algorithm.iteration;
public import std.algorithm.mutation;
public import std.algorithm.searching;
public import std.algorithm.setops;
public import std.algorithm.sorting;
static import std.functional;