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Issue 5718 - Can't demangle symbol defined inside unittest block #414

merged 1 commit into from Feb 1, 2012
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Just for now

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@@ -3575,7 +3575,15 @@ pragma(msg, mangledName!(C.value)); // prints "_D4test1C5valueMFNdZi"
template mangledName(sth...)
if (sth.length == 1)
enum string mangledName = removeDummyEnvelope(Dummy!(sth).Hook.mangleof);
static if (is(typeof(sth[0]) X) && is(X == void))
// sth[0] is a template symbol
enum string mangledName = removeDummyEnvelope(Dummy!(sth).Hook.mangleof);
enum string mangledName = sth[0].mangleof;

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donc Feb 1, 2012


Just as an aside, I'm certain that I wrote the original version of that code. It was originally called "mangleNameOf", and was published on the ng and in DDL project on dsource. Somebody copied it verbatim and republished it another dsource project with my name removed and most of the comments stripped out, but with the function names unchanged. I think this code is based on that. This code still doesn't include the comments explaining why it works, and it really needs to. It took a lot of creativity to come up with, it's really not obvious.

private template Dummy(T...) { struct Hook {} }
@@ -3641,7 +3649,18 @@ unittest
static assert(mangledName!(removeDummyEnvelope) ==
int x;
static assert(mangledName!((int a) { return a+x; })[$ - 9 .. $] == "MFNbNfiZi"); // nothrow safe
static assert(mangledName!((int a) { return a+x; }) == "DFNbNfiZi"); // nothrow safe
// Test for bug 5718
import std.demangle;
int foo;
assert(demangle(mangledName!foo)[$-7 .. $] == "int foo");
void bar(){}
assert(demangle(mangledName!bar)[$-10 .. $] == "void bar()");
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