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Collection of impactful projects in the D ecosystem
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D Project Idea repository

This repository hosts and organises a list of impactful projects in the D ecosystem. The previously used vision document is superseeded by the continous, changing vision build up from the milestones of this repo.

Browse project ideas

Note: some of these projects are not necessarily endorsed by the D Language Foundation. Endorsed projects are marked with the "vision" label.

Everyone is welcome to submit new project ideas. However, please keep in mind that this repository tries to collect high-level goals and project. A good rule of thumb is that if a project can't be split into smaller parts, it might belong to its respective issue tracker.

Bad Example: Fix Issue 12345 in DMD

Good Example: Improve DMD user experience on Windows (includes a list of issues)


As projects are suggested by individual people, it's hard to judge how important they are to community. Hence, please vote on them via GitHub reactions as this helps us a lot in priotizing issues.

Leadership vision projects

Projects marked with the "leadership vision" label are vision projects of the D Language Foundation. These projects are seen as key projects to D's success by the leadership.


Milestones are used to group project ideas and keep track of them.

University thesis

If you are a student and are interesting in working on a project idea for your thesis, please do not hesitate to leave a comment on the issue and/or contact the persons mentioned in the respective issue.

GSoC and SAoC

Many of the listed projects are suitable for the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) or Symmetry Autumn of Code (SAoC). Before this programs, we will tag some of the projects with "gsoc". This implies that we think these projects are well suited for the respective programs. This doesn't mean that non-tagged projects are necessarily a bad fit for a GSoC/SAoC. In doubt, ask on the respective issue or the GSoC/SAoC program admins.

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