Visual D v0.3.44 beta 1

@rainers rainers released this May 28, 2016 · 12 commits to master since this release


  • mago: bring back support to run on Windows XP
  • cv2pdb: fix crashes with very long symbols
  • can now read and write Mono-D project files (but likely to be incomplete because this was
    a failed attempt to integrate with msbuild and the VC projects)
  • now builds with dmd 2.071
  • when linking with MS linker, options for the map file broke the command line
  • bugzilla 16063: missing option -L/DLL when linking a DLL with MS linker
  • added integration with msbuild and VC++ projects
  • added installation of mago expression evaluator to Concord debug engine
  • added $(Platform) as a settings macro replacement in addition to $(PlatformName)
  • changed default output directory to $(PlatformName)/$(ConfigurationName)
  • added x64 configurations to project templates


Visual D v0.3.43

@rainers rainers released this Nov 28, 2015 · 43 commits to master since this release

Changes from rc1:

  • bugzilla 15345: syntax highlighting wrong if asm followed by function attributes
  • pass VSINSTALLDIR in the environment to avoid autodetection by LDC


Visual D v0.3.43 rc 1

@rainers rainers released this Nov 16, 2015 · 46 commits to master since this release

changes from beta1:

  • debug option: allow none of -debug and -release to be specified (and fix LDC never to receive
    the -d-debug option)
  • some improvements to the C++ to D conversion wizard:
    • don't stop conversion after an unmatched } (this also caused other messages to not be displayed)
    • added support for sizeof without parenthesis
    • allow namespace scope in type names
    • allow virtual destructors
    • skip throw function specification
    • fix order of identifiers if "#define A B" is converted to an alias
  • additional options: now replacing newline with space when adding to the command line
  • compiling file for syntax check with LDC passed wrong command line option


Visual D v0.3.43 beta 2

@rainers rainers released this Nov 5, 2015 · 50 commits to master since this release

Changes from beta1:

  • fixed calling linker to build with VC runtime of VS2015: legacy_stdio_definitions.lib missing
  • bugzilla 12021: C++ projects (and others probably, too) might not load correctly in a solution
    that also contains a Visual D project
  • VS2015 linker updates logs and telemetry data files, confusing tracked linker dependencies.
    Now ignoring files that are both read and written.


Visual D v0.3.43 beta 1

@rainers rainers released this Nov 1, 2015 · 53 commits to master since this release

Changes from 0.3.42:

  • dustmite: pattern passed to "find" must always use quotes
  • VS2015: new install adds $(VCInstallDir)\bin to exectuable paths to allow cv2pdb to create PDB files
  • VS2015: added detection for Universal CRT in Win10 SDK, new macro replacements $(UCRTSdkDir) and
    $(UCRTVersion) allow adding library search path to find libucrt.lib
  • New item: the module name no longer has a preceding '.' when guessing a package name
  • when renaming a module in the project, the editor is reopened at the previous caret position if it was
    opened before
  • replaced ancient pkgcmd.ctc with pkgcmd.vsct that's buildable with newer VS SDKs
  • added icons to some commands
  • renamed command "Add Folder" in project folder context menu to "Add Filter"
  • added command "Add Folder" that actually creates the folder on disk
  • renaming a module in the project tree now reopens it at the previous caret location
  • renaming a package in the project tree also renames the folder on disk if it is still empty
  • debug info: added option "suitable for selected debug engine"
  • the original semantic analysis engine is no longer installed, always using dparser now
  • LDC: recent versions build object files into intermediate folder, wrong names passed to linker
    with "separate compile and link"
  • moved defaults for resource includes and dmd executable paths from installation to extension init
  • fixed spurious "not implemented" error in error list of VS 2015
  • fix dark theme detection in VS 2015
  • better semantic/colorizer support for versions LDC,CRuntime_Microsoft,CRuntime_DigitalMars and MinGW
  • tweaked default path and library settings for DMD and LDC
  • configuration dialogs:
    • fixed small fonts in VS2015
    • better work with resizeable windows
    • scale some controls vertically if there is space
    • added browse buttons to path settings
  • search pane did not save its last state, only when switching between file and symbol search


Visual D v0.3.42

@rainers rainers released this Aug 5, 2015 · 71 commits to master since this release

No changes from rc 1.


Visual D v0.3.42 rc 1

@rainers rainers released this Aug 2, 2015 · 73 commits to master since this release

Changes from beta 2:

  • search file
    • the same file is no longer listed multiple times if it is in several projects
    • '.', '/' and '' are considered the same in case insensitive non-regex searches to simplify finding a module in a package
    • case sensitivity button was restored inverted
  • mago
    • added support for new AA implementation
    • preview for structs now shows first members
  • installer now shows the version of Visual D about to be installed


Visual D v0.3.42 beta 2

@rainers rainers released this Jun 26, 2015 · 78 commits to master since this release

Changes from beta 1:

  • add integration into the Visual Studio Performance Wizard
  • added project template for console application built with DMD/LDC and x86/x64
  • bugzilla 14706: release configurations now enable optimizations and inlining by default
  • mago is now the default debug engine for new projects
  • demangle D/C++ symbols in disassembly with new tool dcxxfilt that supports both gcc
    and MS C++ mangling.
  • more cv2pdb fixes for DWARF


Visual D v0.3.42 beta 1

@rainers rainers released this Jun 6, 2015 · 88 commits to master since this release


  • added new command "DustMite Build Failure" to reduce source of startup project
    for build error with DustMite
  • update "Build Phobos Browse Info" and "Build local version of phobos" for dmd 2.067+
  • cv2pdb:
    • last version introduced crashes with DWARF conversions
    • DWARF debug info now stripped from executable
    • support for mspdb140.dll from VS2015


Visual D v0.3.41

@rainers rainers released this May 16, 2015 · 98 commits to master since this release

Changes from beta4:

  • tweaked default option for dumpbin in the "Compile and Disassemble" settings