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@rainers rainers released this Sep 16, 2017 · 327 commits to master since this release

Changes since 0.45.1:

  • cv2pdb
    • now also search VS2017 registry entries to find mspdb140.dll
    • fix working with the VS2017 update 15.3.1
  • improve handling of non-ASCII installation paths:
    • use unicode aware version of NSIS, register through wide string API of rundll32
    • parse sc.ini with current code page
    • pipedmd: pass wide string command line to sub process
    • convert MS linker response file to UTF16
  • build system
    • add workaround for broken TLS when linking with link.exe from VS2017 update 15.3.1
    • build single object file to intermediate directory rather than output folder
    • intermediate executable for cv2pdb now written to intermediate directory
    • custom build batch files now written to intermediate directory
    • use "if %errorlevel% neq 0" instead of "if errorlevel 1" in batches to capture crashes, too
    • fix default executable search path for LDC assuming a 64-bit compiler executable (avoids
      linker error -1073741701)
    • added *.tlog to default files to clean
    • add import library to project outputs if "create import library" enabled
    • added linker options to configure map file, import library and PDB file
    • LDC: add option to link against debug runtime library
    • LDC: no longer trIES to run cv2pdb
  • dparser:
    • when building with LDC, use import path from its config file instead of DMDs' sc.ini
    • parse "static foreach" (but no semantic analysis)
  • fixed spurious freeze in precise GC (mostly during startup)
  • indentation of lambdas as parameter arguments now aligns statements on tab stops
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