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_ Test, on linux, windows, mac (inc. website demos)
_ Finalize changelog
_ Tag release in git
_ Generate tarball (make tarball)
_ Generate Windows package and copy to directory. (First, do
a cabal install and test, and then switch to windows directory
and run the batch file there.)
_ Generate Mac OSX package.
_ Upload to Google Code -s "Source tarball" -p pandoc -u fiddlosopher --labels=Featured,Type-Source,OpSys-All dist/pandoc-1.2.tar.gz -s "Windows installer" -p pandoc -u fiddlosopher --labels=Featured,Type-Installer,OpSys-Windows pandoc-1.2-setup.exe -s "Mac OS X installer" -p pandoc -u fiddlosopher --labels=Featured,Type-Installer,OpSys-OSX pandoc-1.2.dmg
To get password:
_ Go to Google code and deprecate the old versions
_ Upload to HackageDB
_ Update website, including short description of changes
_ Announce on pandoc-announce, pandoc-discuss
_ Update freshmeat page
_ recompile trypandoc
_ recompile gitit