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Full changelog for Dlayer since the v1.00 release.

v1.17: 12th September 2011

  • New styling table for content items, stores all defined styles, no need for a table per styling group. [Refactoring]
  • Cleaned up tools, removed redundant model classes and moved around shared classes, now more apparent if they relate to content or not. [Refactoring]
  • Now using Quill PHP renderer v1.01.1, enables support for lists in text areas.

v1.16: 12th March 2017

  • Enabled link support in Quill rich text fields. [v0.30.0 of PHP Quill renderer]
  • Enabled superscript and subscript support in Quill rich text fields. [v0.40.0 of PHP Quill renderer]
  • I have changed the name of the background colour property on the page styling sub tool; it is now called content background colour which is more accurate.
  • I have added the ability to define the background colour for your website (Page background colour, in the future this will be configurable per template). [Feature]
  • I have added a horizontal rule tool, under the content layout drop down. [Feature]
  • I have added a styling sub tool for horizontal rule content items, allows the colour to be defined. [Feature]
  • I have added a delete sub tool for horizontal rule content items. [Feature]
  • I have made improvements to the styling code, less duplication of both data and code. [Refactoring]
  • New tables to manage any styling attributes defined for the page, HTML and content items, additional refactoring required. [Database]
  • Control bar improvements. [UX]
  • General fixes and improvements.

v1.15: 3rd Match 2017

  • Enabled the rich text content item tool. [Feature]
  • Added a blog post content item [Feature]
  • Added styling, typography and delete sub tools to rich text and blog post content items. [Feature]
  • Original text content item renamed to 'plain text'.
  • Added PHP Quill HTML renderer, used by the tools which have rich content areas.
  • Tool links inside an empty column dynamic.
  • Refactoring.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

v1.14: 23rd February 2017

  • The New and Edit forms in the Form Builder expose the layout options visible within the Form Builder. [Feature]
  • The import SQL files don't define the module or tool ids. [Setup]
  • Added a preset 'Date of Birth' element tool to the Form Builder. [Feature]
  • Added alternate rows quick styling tool. [Feature]
  • Updated the text for the Column, Row and Page tools, more conditional, aware of designer or design state. [UX]
  • Added shortcut buttons to Column, Row and Page tools. [UX]
  • The column contains content query only looks at enabled content. [Bugfix]
  • Added a toggle ribbon button to the right side of the control bar, it expands the ribbon to open up the form. [UX]
  • Control bar padding left and right set to 15px, was 0. [Bugfix]
  • Added a rich text content item to the Content Manager (disabled until I add a renderer for quill). [Disabled Feature]
  • Refactoring.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

v1.13: 18th February 2017

  • Switching to a new sub tool clears any unsaved changes displaying in the designer. [Bugfix]
  • Select parent row code looks at whether a content item is selected and returns the column that is relevant to the current environment status. [Bugfix]
  • Added a Date Element tool to the Form Builder along with the Styling and Delete sub tools. [Feature]
  • Added a Heading & Date content item to the Content Manager along with the Styling, Typography and Delete sub tools. [Feature]
  • Clear the selected tool for the Form Builder upon logout. [Bugfix]
  • Refactoring

v1.12: 14th February 2017

  • Added a delete sub tool to each of the content items. [Feature]
  • The Content Manager does not display deleted content items; data remains pending feature to restore.
  • The re-order code which runs after an element is deleted in the Form Builder was sorting incorrectly. [Bugfix]
  • Added an admin controller to the Content Manager. [Refactoring]
  • Added an admin controller to the default module. [Refactoring]
  • Added the control bar to the Form Builder and Content Manager previews. There is a button to return to the Designer/Manager and in the Form Builder an option to set the width of the preview. [Feature]
  • The Form Builder displays the assigned title and subtitle. [Bugfix]
  • Model cleanup. [Refactoring]
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

v1.11: 10th February 2017

  • Added layout tools to the Form Builder, forms can now use stacked, inline or horizontal layouts. [Feature]
  • I have moved the code for the delete element sub tool into the shared section for Form Builder tools.
  • Added the delete sub tool to the Password, Email and Textarea elements. [Feature]
  • Added titles tool to the Form Builder, the title and subtitle can now be set. [Feature]
  • Added button tool to the Form Builder, allows the labels for the submit and reset buttons to be defined. [Feature]
  • Added controls to preview form at full width, three-quarter width, half width and quarter width. [Feature]
  • Added four preset element tools to Form Builder, name, email, comment and address. They are standard elements with the values prefilled to assist with creating a new form. [Feature]
  • Additional tests added to the test suite. [Tests]
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

v1.10: 4th February 2017

  • Added a styling sub tool to the Text, Textarea, Email and password element tools, row background colour can be set. [Feature]
  • Form Builder and Form Builder preview show assigned background colours.
  • Added live preview for changes to all element tools.
  • Added live preview for element sub tools, row background colour.
  • Added ability to re-order form elements. [Feature]
  • Added ability to delete elements from a form. [Feature]
  • Additional tests in test suite. [Tests]
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

v1.09: 2017-01-30

  • Select parent row and column buttons now have the correct URI when a content item is selected. [Bugfix]
  • Minor update to the signed in page. [UI]
  • Added the 'Text element` tool. [Feature]
  • Added the 'Textarea element` tool. [Feature]
  • Added the 'Email element` tool. [Feature]
  • Added the 'Password element` tool. [Feature]
  • Element label and description are now part of the attributes table. [Database]
  • Added form field selector. [Feature]
  • Starting to build up the test suite. [Tests]
  • The active site is visibly clearer on the signed in page. [UI]
  • Added the control bar to non-designer pages. [UX]
  • Minor update to the layout of Form Builder and Content Manager dashboards. [UI]
  • General refactoring and minor fixes.

v1.08: 2017-01-26

  • I have removed the full SQL exports, no longer required, setup module will be used for all imports.
  • Added foundation for the Form Builder, this shows the currently selected form, the control bar and ribbon.
  • Added a Preview mode to display the final form.
  • Moving to a separate layout per designer.

v1.07: 2017-01-25

  • Added the foundation code for the Form Builder module.
  • You can now add and edit form definitions, name and title as of this release.
  • Added initial code for the Form Builder session class.
  • Minor styling updates to forms, the further reading block and lists.

v1.06: 2017-01-23

  • Removed additional terminators in SQL data files. [Bugfix]
  • Added a settings sub tool to columns, allows the column width and offset to be defined. [Feature]
  • Added a glyph style field to tool tabs table, added to allow glyph icons to be rotated.
  • Moved column type from the columns structure table, now a separate table. [Database]
  • Added a responsive sub tool to columns, you can now set the column width for the ‘xs’, ‘sm’ and ‘lg’ layouts, Dlayer defaults to ‘md’. [Feature]
  • Added a control bar to the bottom of the designer, houses the cancel button and navigation controls for Content Manager. [UX]
  • The tool buttons are now in the new control bar. [UX]
  • Added missing foreign keys. [Database]
  • Removed redundant tables from the database. [Database]
  • Updated the tool ribbon classes, general refactoring.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

v1.05: 2017-01-17

  • I have added a live preview when editing text, jumbotron and heading content items. [Feature]
  • Corrected the class names for the heading tool; it will now correctly load in the demo. [Bugfix]
  • Added a setting to application.ini which controls whether or not the test credentials display on the sign-in page. [Feature]
  • Split the database export into three files per table, one for the structure, another for the data and a third to define the foreign keys.
  • I have added a setup module; this allows you to create the tables for the database and imports the required data, there are four options, import demo database, import base database, reset to demo state and reset to clean state. [Feature]

v1.04: 2017-01-09

  • I have updated the styling sub tools, the Form, Model and Tool classes extend from shared classes as per the typography sub tool.
  • If you only have one page in the Content Manager, it is now automatically selected.
  • The title and subtitle set for a form now display in the Content Manager [Bugfix].
  • I have updated the content for the demo sign-in page; it now shows the changelog for the latest version.
  • The heading type is now updateable for heading based content items [Bugfix].
  • If you try to create a new content item when in edit mode for an existing content item you will no longer be met with a nasty error [Bugfix].
  • I have added controls to select the sibling (next|previous) content items in a column; this should reduce the number of clicks when editing [UX].
  • I have added titles above each of the new navigation controls, ‘Parents’ and ‘Column content items’.

v1.03: 2017-01-07

  • The page tool is now auto selected in the designer, both on initial entry and whenever you click the cancel button. It is stupid to force you to choose the page when there is only ever one page which always needs to be selected. [UX]
  • Added select parent row to the column tool, now easier to go back. [UX]
  • Added select parent column/page to the row tool, now easier to go back. [UX]
  • Added nesting support for rows and columns. [Feature]
  • The ‘Add row’ and ‘Add content’ tools are aware of state, they will only display when relevant. [UX]
  • I have added the ability to collapse top level rows so you can concentrate on a particular area of the design. [UX]
  • The min-height on a page is only applied when the page is empty.
  • I have updated the sample site for all three demo users.
  • Creating a default site no longer errors, an issue with insert default text weights. [Bugfix]
  • Removed the log links, not currently necessary.
  • Updated the code hinting in all view files, now correctly shows all view helpers.
  • Added select parent row and column to content item tools, now easier to go back. [UX]
  • I have reduced the size of all the buttons in the designer. [UI]
  • I have updated the content for the demo home page and the Content Manager home page.
  • Set the stable version to ## v1.03.
  • Refactoring.

v1.02: 2016-12-31

  • Initial support for shared tool classes, for now simply extend from a Shared folder. [Feature]
  • Fixed a bug with typography sub tool, font family and text weight values not getting set, query had an excess inner join that wouldn't work if font family was null. [Bug]
  • Added text weight to typography sub tool for Form content items. [Feature]
  • Added text weight to typography sub tool for Heading content items. [Feature]
  • Added text weight to typography sub tool for Jumbotron content items. [Feature]
  • Added text weight to typography sub tool for Image content items. [Feature]
  • Added additional support for shared tools, simple to now have a shared form, tool, model or ribbon class.
  • Updated the colour of action buttons for tools, there were too many blue buttons.
  • Added a divider to tab p[ages that have multiple forms, for example, add row.
  • Added typography sub tool to HTML tool. [Feature]
  • Initial help text for Page, Column and Row tool tabs hidden behind a collapse.

v1.01: 2016-12-26

  • Corrected ordinal for release date. [Bug]
  • Directory separator incorrect. [Bug]
  • Added the ability to set text weight on text content items. [Feature]
  • Updated model to only save typography values when necessary.
  • Initial work on shared models.
  • Added preview for text weight changes. [Feature]
  • README updated to show last stable/complete release.

v1.00: 2016-12-22

Welcome to the first official open source release of Dlayer; it is not a complete product yet but for reasons I have outlined on my blog many times it feels right to badge it as ## v1.00.

Over the coming weeks, I will continue to polish the core of the Content manager and work towards returning the module that I removed in the last part of this year.

A full set-up process will appear in the new year along with simple reset scripts to ease development.