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Commits on Mar 10, 2012
  1. Added insert_gist() method & InsertGistListCommand to provide gist in…

    …sertion directly into active Sublime Text 2 view.
Commits on Jan 15, 2012
  1. @condemil

    Merge pull request #11 from technocoreai/master

    condemil authored
    Better error messages and Fix some style issues with command names
Commits on Jan 13, 2012
  1. @technocoreai
  2. @technocoreai

    Better error messages

    technocoreai authored
    This should provide somewhat better error messages. In case we actually
    reach GitHub (and not fail because of a network error), user will see
    the HTTP error code and contents of message field from the response.
    It's not perfect - ideally, we should use GitHub's response to show
    specific error messages (like 'duplicate filename), but that's a
    task for another day.
  3. @condemil

    Merge pull request #10 from technocoreai/master

    condemil authored
    Refactorings + gist buffer support (much better workflow) + added new commands and features
  4. @technocoreai
  5. @technocoreai

    Better handle differnt Gist/local filenames

    technocoreai authored
    If a view has a local filename and is bound to a Gist file with a
    different name, display it in the status line.
  6. @technocoreai

    Revert "Don't erase description on update_gist"

    technocoreai authored
    This reverts commit 36ab959. Github
    folks fixed it on their side.
  7. @technocoreai

    Fix a bug with lost view.file_name()

    technocoreai authored
    Previously, creating a gist from view that pointed to a real file
    "detached" the view from a file (because of set_name() call).
  8. @technocoreai
  9. @technocoreai
  10. @technocoreai
  11. @technocoreai

    Use gist_update_file instead of gist_update

    technocoreai authored
    GistUpdateCommand was renamed to GistUpdateFileCommand, but keymaps and
    Main.sublime-menu weren't modified to acknowledge that.
  12. @technocoreai

    Reenable api_request_native

    technocoreai authored
    api_request_native was disabled to check cURL and I forgot to enable
  13. @technocoreai

    Add 'Add To Gist' command

    technocoreai authored
    Prompts the user for a gist and a filename and adds contents of current
    view as a new file in that gist. View is automatically gistified.
  14. @technocoreai
  15. @technocoreai
  16. @technocoreai

    Menu and command list changes

    technocoreai authored
    Rename Update Gist to Update File.
    Put file-related items together and separate them from gist-related
    Add forgotten Delete File command.
  17. @technocoreai

    Add GistRenameFileCommand

    technocoreai authored
  18. @technocoreai

    Can now create gists with multiple files

    technocoreai authored
    If multiple regions are selected, user will only be prompted once for
    the filename and then a single gist with multiple files will be created
    with contents taken from selected regions.
  19. @technocoreai

    Add new commands to menu and command list

    technocoreai authored
    Context menu: remove "get list" command, as it's available in command
    palette and main menu.
    Added new gist view commands: rename file, change gist description,
    delete file, delete gist. Commands themselves are not implemented yet.
    Main menu: split the Gist submenu into two logical blocks - commands
    that are always enabled (create gist/open gist) and gist view commands.
  20. @technocoreai

    Improved error handling

    technocoreai authored
    @catch_errors now handles and pretty-prints other errors that the user
    may encounter, not just MissingCredentialsException.
  21. @technocoreai

    Switch from wget to cURL

    technocoreai authored
    cURL is available as a package in all Linux distros and it allows us to
    use custom HTTP methods and not pass the password in command arguments
    (which are usually visible to other users on Unix systems).
  22. @technocoreai
  23. @technocoreai
  24. @technocoreai

    Use id instead of [No Name] for untitled gists.

    technocoreai authored
    Gist title will now also be shown in the modeline, instead of just
  25. @technocoreai
  26. @technocoreai
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