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		      Anuweb - Totem web interface

		     Daniel Beer <>

This plugin provides a web interface for Totem which allows you to
control playback (play, pause, toggle full-screen, seek, etc.) and
browse for files to play via a web interface.

To install, copy this entire directory to the Totem plugin directory.
For example:

    sudo cp -r anuweb /usr/lib/totem/plugins

The target path may vary, depending on your system.

To enable the plugin, restart Totem and select "Plugins" from the "Edit"
menu. You should now see an item labelled "Anuweb (Totem web interface)"
in the list of available plugins. Make sure the checkbox to the left is
ticked, and the web interface should be up and running.

By default, the server will run on port 8099, so you should be greeted
with the Anuweb dashboard if you point your browser at:

    http://<IP address>:8099/

Click the "Configure" button in the plugins dialog to change runtime
options. Currently available options are:

  * Server port: the port which the web interface will listen on. Ports
    below 1024 will probably require root access. The default port is

  * Default media path: the default folder to display when the user
    clicks "Browse" for the first time, or when the user selects "Media
    home" in the browser. The default is "/".

  * Browser root: change this to restrict the browser to a filesystem
    subtree (the default, "/", doesn't restrict browsing at all).
    Browsing outside of the browser root path is not allowed. If you
    change this, you should make sure that the default media path is a
    subdirectory of the browser root (otherwise you'll get a "403
    Forbidden" response when you try to browse).

  * File filter pattern: this is a semicolon-separated list of shell
    wildcards, used to restrict the set of files which appear in browser
    listings. This only restricts the listing of such files -- do not
    rely on it as a means of preventing their access. The default
    pattern is "*.m??;*.avi;*.og?".

A change to any of these settings takes effect immediately upon pressing
"Ok". You don't need to restart Totem or the plugin. These settings are
stored under the GConf path /apps/totem/plugins/anuweb.


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