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		   Low-level PDF manipulation for F#

		     Daniel Beer <>
			      13 Mar 2017

The code contained here consists of a module for manipulating PDF
objects (pdf.fs), and a very simple parser for Adobe Font Metrics files
and glyph-lists (afm.fs).

Things it can do:

  * Create arbitrary PDF documents.

  * Read objects from PDF documents (although it does not support
    parsing or decompression of content streams -- you need to implement
    this yourself).

  * Deep-copy objects from one PDF document to another (e.g. to use a
    page of one document as an image or background in another).

  * Calculate text sizes given a string, a point size, and an Adobe Font
    Metrics file.

PDFs of arbitrary complexity can be created, but you may find it useful
to wrap the module in something higher-level and more specific to your

Included is an example program (example.fs), which takes as arguments
the name of an input and an output PDF file. Page 1 of the input file is
extracted, and then a single-page output file is created which shows
page 1 of the input file scaled down and centered in the middle of the
page, with a blue border and a centered caption above it.

Building the example

The included code should be able to be run on nearly any system. It has
no dependencies outside the .NET standard library. If you're on a Linux
system with mono and the F# compiler installed, type "make" to build.

If you're building manually, select all F# files for building, with
example.fs last in the list. You will also need to include glyphlist.txt
and Times-Roman.afm as assembly resources. The names of these resources
should be the same as their filenames.


F# PDF manipulation




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