Text-mode EPUB reader for Linux
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Saraswati -- command-line EPUB reader

To build this package, you will need the Mono C# compiler and the
libncursesw (including header files).

To build and install, type ``make``, followed by ``make install``.

Type ``saraswati`` to run, optionally specifying a file to open on the
command-line. Help text will be displayed if no file is specified.


  * Supports EPUB format, and will render embedded HTML to plain text
    (with basic formatting).

  * Full-text search.

  * Automatic bookmarking: a history of opened files and associated
    cursor positions is kept. Open a previously read file, and the
    cursor will skip to the last known position.

  * Stable text reflow: when the terminal width changes, the text will
    be reflowed while the cursor remains in the same logical position in
    the book.