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Generating lyrics with a recurrent neural network
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Lyrics Generator

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This is a small experiment in generating lyrics with a recurrent neural network, trained with Keras and Tensorflow.

It works in the browser with Tensorflow.js! Try it here.

Train the model

Install dependencies

pip install -r requirements.txt

The requirement file has been reduced in size so if any of the scripts fail, just install the missing packages :-)

Get the data

  • Download the songdata dataset.
    • Save the songdata.csv file in a data sub-directory.
  • Download the Glove embeddings
    • Save the glove.6B.50d.txt file in a data sub-directory.
    • Alternatively, you can create your a word2vec embedding (see below)

(Optional) Create a word2vec embedding matrix

If you have the songdata.csv file from above, you can simply create the word2vec vectors like this:

python -m lyrics.embedding

Perhaps there will be a proper CLI command for this in the future, perhaps not :-)

Run the training

python -m lyrics.train -h

This command by default takes care of all the training. Warning: it takes a very long time on a normal CPU!

Check -h for options. For example, if you want to use a different embedding than the glove embedding:

python -m lyrics.train --embedding-file ./embeddings.txt

The embeddings are still assumed to be 50 dimensional.

Create new lyrics

python lyrics model.h5 tokenizer.pickle

Try python lyrics -h to find out more

Export to Tensorflow JS (used for the app)

python export model.h5 tokenizer.pickle

This creates a sub-directory export with the relevant files (can be used for the app)

Single-page "app" for creating lyrics

The lyrics-tfjs sub-directory has a simple web-page that can be used to create lyrics in the browser. The code expects data to be found in a data/ sub-directory. This includes the words.json file, model.json and any extra files generated by the Tensorflow export.



Make sure to get all dependencies:

pip install -r requirements_dev.txt


python -m pytest --cov=lyrics tests/
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