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Kafka Streams and KTables examples

This code is the companion of the blog post Kafka as a coordinator

This project uses Docker to create a cluster of 3 microservices that consume from a Kafka topic using the Kafka Streams API.

The main processing function is here.


Docker should be installed.

To run:

 docker-compose up -d --build && docker-compose logs -f our-service our-service2 our-service3

Once the environment has been started, you have to add some commands with:

 curl --data "device=key1&lat=2&lon=5" -X POST http://localhost:3004/device-point
 curl --data "device=key1&lat=2&lon=6" -X POST http://localhost:3004/device-point

Clean up

To get rid of all:

docker-compose down --rmi all --remove-orphans
docker image rm pandeiro/lein:2.5.2 wurstmeister/kafka:2.11-2.0.0