jQuery plugin for one-directional scrolling with item based navigation support.
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jQuery plugin for one-directional scrolling with item based navigation support. 12KB minified, 4.5KB gzipped.

Sly supports navigation with mouse wheel scrolling, scrollbar, pages bar, dragging the content, touch events, automated cycling, ... and has a powerful API.

That's all build around a custom highly optimized animation rendering with requestAnimationFrame, and GPU accelerated positioning (in browsers that support it).


Except jQuery 1.7+, there are no other dependencies. That means you don't need 200kB of jQuery-UI to use it.


Works everywhere, even in IE6+ abominations, but that is a complete accident :) IE 6-7 are not officially supported.

Mobile: Sly has a touch events support, but mobile is not tested. If you want to help with that, you are welcome!


Sly upholds the Semantic Versioning Specification, and right now is in release candidate state. For more info, read the Roadmap section below.


Please do not populate Issues tracker with non-issues! If you have a question about Sly, you can use the Sly forum.

API documentation

Quick reference

jQuery call with all default options as defined in the source. Visit the Options Wiki page for more detailed documentation.

	// Sly type
	horizontal: 0,    // Change to horizontal direction.
	itemNav:    null, // Item navigation type. Can be: basic, smart, centered, forceCentered.

	// Scrollbar
	scrollBar:     null, // Selector or DOM element for scrollbar container.
	dragHandle:    0,    // Whether the scrollbar handle should be dragable.
	dynamicHandle: 0,    // Scrollbar handle represents the relation between hidden and visible content.
	minHandleSize: 50,   // Minimal height or width (depends on sly direction) of a handle in pixels.
	clickBar:      0,    // Enable navigation by clicking on scrollbar.
	syncFactor:    0.50, // Handle => SLIDEE sync factor. 0-1 floating point, where 1 = immediate, 0 = infinity.

	// Pagesbar
	pagesBar:    null, // Selector or DOM element for pages bar container.
	pageBuilder:       // Page item generator.
		function (index) {
			return '<li>' + (index + 1) + '</li>';

	// Navigation buttons
	prev:     null, // Selector or DOM element for "previous item" button.
	next:     null, // Selector or DOM element for "next item" button.
	prevPage: null, // Selector or DOM element for "previous page" button.
	nextPage: null, // Selector or DOM element for "next page" button.

	// Automated cycling
	cycleBy:       null, // Enable automatic cycling. Can be: items, pages.
	cycleInterval: 5000, // Delay between cycles in milliseconds.
	pauseOnHover:  0,    // Pause cycling when mouse hovers over a frame
	startPaused:   0,    // Whether to start in paused sate.

	// Mixed options
	scrollBy:      0,       // Number of pixels/items for one mouse scroll event. 0 to disable mouse scrolling.
	dragging:      0,       // Enable navigation by dragging the SLIDEE.
	elasticBounds: 0,       // Stretch SLIDEE position limits when dragging past borders.
	speed:         0,       // Animations speed in milliseconds. 0 to disable animations.
	easing:        'swing', // Animations easing.
	scrollSource:  null,    // Selector or DOM element for catching the mouse wheel event. Default is FRAME.
	dragSource:    null,    // Selector or DOM element for catching the mouse dragging events. Default is FRAME.
	startAt:       0,       // Starting offset in pixels or items.
	keyboardNavBy: 0,       // Enable keyboard navigation by 'items' or 'pages'.
	domEvents:     0,       // Enable DOM events if you wish to use them instead of callbacks API (not recommended).

	// Classes
	draggedClass:  'dragged',  // Class for dragged elements (like SLIDEE or scrollbar handle).
	activeClass:   'active',   // Class for active items and pages.
	disabledClass: 'disabled'  // Class for disabled navigation elements.


All of the desired features have been implemented, and Sly is now in a release candidate state.

Maybe never, but it would be nice:

  • Dropping jQuery dependency.


Contributions are welcome! But please: