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Fred's ImageMagick Scripts for .NET
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This projects goal is to port most of the scripts for ImageMagick that are created by Fred Weinhaus to C#. With the help of Magick.NET a library will be created that will make it easy to use Fred's scripts in .NET.


This project uses the same license as Fred's ImageMagick Scripts. You can find the license in the file.


The scripts below have been ported to .NET and can be found on NuGet. Not all scripts have been ported at the moment. Create an issue if you want a specific script to be ported to C#.

Script Download Original
Autotrim download original
Cartoon download original
DraganEffect download original
Embroidery download original
TextCleaner download original
Tshirt download original
TwoColorThresh download original
Unperspective download original
Whiteboard download original


Script Name
Cartoon Christoph Bergmeister
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