Silly Android application for sharing rage faces with other apps
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Android Rage Faces

This is the source code for the free Android application "Rage Faces".

Enjoy. Or don't enjoy. Whatever.

Adding Faces

The build process for new faces go along two paths: easy and hard.

Easy Mode

Place your PNG anywhere. Run the script, specifying the path to your image and the category to add it to.

python scripts/ -f /home/username/Desktop/angry_grumpy_cat_good.png -c Angry

-f is the path to the image

-c is the category to add it to. A list of categories is visible at the top of this script.

Bump /project/src/com/idunnolol/ragefaces/data/DatabaseHelper.DB_VERSION. (The project uses this to determine when to reload faces.db from the APK.)

Hard Mode

This version is based off of faces.db, as well as thumbnail drawables. It is a multi-step process:

  1. Gather source PNG faces.

  2. Run them through /scripts/ It will spit out both JPEG versions (that are shared) and JPEG thumbnails (that are shown in the app itself). Add these to the /project/ directory.

  3. Add new faces to faces.db using /scripts/ Add the improved faces.db to /project/assets/faces.db. (You could add the faces by hand to the db but that's a real pain.)

  4. Bump /project/src/com/idunnolol/ragefaces/data/DatabaseHelper.DB_VERSION. (The project uses this to determine when to reload faces.db from the APK.)