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# Shit to do for losses:
* Familiarize myself with google fusion tables(gft)
* Code specific to losses to snag info from gft, place graphs on page
* Homepage design
* Discuss other features
Need to think about data and backing store
All other stuff is secondary i.e. display
how are we putting data onto table?
location (+ lat/lon), geocoding
search by country, time, region
week based system is scrapped.
Old data
ap on browser, pops up with fields to fill in regarding the data for fusion tables
1. Google fusion tables interaction
2. Delivery widget
21 Oct 2012
Scrap OAuth2
possibly scrap the whole UI for data entry
what takes the most time: finding articles
"pathe the cow path" - make a sidewalk only after we know where we tread
data entry traditional workflow:
find articles
scour for data
varify data
find articles to scour over
build regular expressions to do the scouring based on patterns we find
4 Nov 2012
Learn about RSS feeds, google search through
create an xml file for articles to go through testing
show dave RE examples for input, but explain them
23 Nov 2012
How do I search efficiently for placenames in an article?
List of countries
starting point, import list of specific place names?
has anyone else tackled this problem?