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A Python wrapper to the OpenEMS FDTD solver with Kicad footprint generation
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A wrapper for the OpenEMS FDTD solver adding Kicad footprint generation for the simulated object.

This is mostly an internal tool at Harmon Instruments and is likely to have the interfaces change at any time.



OpenEMS > 0.35 with Python support.

Install on Debian Buster:

 sudo apt build-dep openems
 git clone
 cd openEMS-Project
 export OPENEMS=$HOME/software/openems
 cd CSXCAD/python; python3 build_ext -I$OPENEMS/include -L$OPENEMS/lib -R$OPENEMS/lib; sudo python3 install
 cd openEMS/python; python3 build_ext -I$OPENEMS/include -L$OPENEMS/lib -R$OPENEMS/lib; sudo python3 install
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