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scraps stuff
Ap.agda stuff
ConstantFunction.agda move stuff around
HEqUniv.agda mark postulates so I can see what is left
Idempotent.agda stuff
InductionRecursion.agda move stuff around
JGross.agda stuff
JMEq.agda stuff
JUnique.agda uniqueness of J's
MaybeIso.agda stuff
Parametricity.agda move stuff around
PathOverEquiv.agda stuff
Phantom.agda move stuff around
PropositionalBetaJ.agda stuff
Stephanie.agda stuff
SubstMutual.agda stuff
SubstMutual2.agda stuff
TTinTT.agda TT in TT
TTinTT2.agda more tt in tt
TransportEta.agda stuff
Typecase.agda typecase
UnificationWeirdness.agda weirdness
VecAssoc.agda stuff
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