A Simulator for Software-Defined Wireless Local Area Network
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An emulator for Software-Defined Wireless Local Area Network and Software-Defined LTE Backhaul Netowrk


  • Built on top of Mininet and ns-3
  • Complement ns-3 by supporting channel scan behavior on Wi-Fi station (sta-wifi-scan.patch)
  • Show CsmaLink and SimpleLink in NetAnim (animation-interface.patch)
  • Fix runtime error when access PacketMetadata of CsmaLink, Submitted
  • Support SDN-based LTE backhaul emulation (lte.patch)

Reading material

Mininet Walkthrough
Introduction to Mininet
Link modeling using ns-3

Build OpenNet

Support Ubuntu 14.04.5

sudo su -
apt-get install git ssh
git clone https://github.com/dlinknctu/OpenNet.git
cd OpenNet
./install.sh master

After a successful installation, the script will show "OpenNet installation has completed."

Run OpenNet example script

sudo su -
cd OpenNet
python mininet/examples/opennet/wifi/two-ap-one-sw.py

Run NetAnim

Use NetAnim to open the XML file in the directory /tmp/xml
Click "Play Animation" button can start animation of network activity

sudo su -
cd OpenNet
python mininet/examples/opennet/wifi/wifi-roaming.py

SDN-based LTE Backhaul Emulation (Advanced Feature)

Need setup distributed emulation of Mininet, see here.

sudo su -
cd OpenNet
python mininet/examples/opennet/lte/lte-example.py

OpenNet Tutorial

See here.