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Mantis Issues Ext

A Safari Extension which extracts information from an issue of a Mantis bugtracking system and adds it to a GitHub issue.

Written by David Linsin, January 2012.


Download the latest version of the Safari Extension and double click to install it.


  1. Open a new Tab and navigate to any Mantis Issue. A right click anywhere on the site will bring up the context menu item Copy Mantis Info. Clicking it will extract the following information:
  • ID
  • Summary
  • Description
  • Additional Information
  • URL
  • Platform
  • OS
  • OS Version
  • Product Version
  • Target Version

Alternatively you can use the keyboard shortcut SHIFT+CTRL+M to extract the information directly.

  1. Create a new GitHub Issue and bring up the context menu by right clicking anywhere on the site. Click on the menu item Add Mantis Info which will set the following Mantis infos:
  • the title to Summary
  • a block quote containing the Description, Additional Information
  • the fields mentioned above in form of column: value
  • the ID as a link to the URL of the issue

Alternatively you can use the keyboard shortcut SHIFT+CTRL+I to add the information to the new issue directly.

Known Issues


Unfortunately Mantis doesn't support HTML id attributes for their content. As a workaround the Mantis site is being parsed and the script looks for the column content such as "Summary". Since Mantis can be localized, the script takes that into consideration. However, at the moment it only can extract information from German or English Mantis installations.

GitHub Issue Submit Button

Under some circumstances the Submit new Issue button on a GitHub issue might stay disabled after inserting the Mantis information. As a workaround, you can simply add any character to the title of the issue, that's the reason why it's being focused right after insertion.

Issues and Feature Requests

Please report issues via GitHub's issue tracker.


Mantis Issues Ext is licensed under the Apache 2 License, expect for shortcuts.js which is licenses under BSD and cvi_busy_lib.js which is under the Netzgestade Non-commercial Software License Agreement.


[INACTIVE] Safari Extension extracting information from a Mantis issue and adds it to a GitHub issue




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