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Elegant handling for Cocoa Touch

This project is still under early and active development. General feedback, bug reports and feature requests appreciated.

TPTentClient allows iOS applications to communicate with servers using the Tent protocol.

Getting Started

An example application is included in the repository, demonstrating server discovery, authorization, retrieval and posting a status.

Don't forget to pull down AFNetworking and SSToolkit with git submodule update --init to run the example.


TPTentClient requires Xcode 4.4 and the iOS 5.0 SDK, as well as AFNetworking 1.0RC3 and SSToolkit 1.0.1.

Next Steps

TPTentClient currently supports a small subset of what's possible with Tent. There's lots to do, including:

  • Documentation
  • Better error handling
  • Support for multiple Tent Servers on Discovery
  • Keychain support
  • Access to all Tent API endpoints
  • Enhanced delegate methods and notifications
  • Support for Mac OS X and Cocoa

If you'd like to see a different feature or have found a bug, please open an issue or fork the repo and submit a pull request. If you'd just like to contribute, search for "TODO:"!


TPTentClient was created by Ben Stovold.

Tent is the incredible work of the Tent team, including Daniel Siders and Jonathan Rudenberg.

AFNetworking and SSToolkit are thanks to Mattt Thompson and Sam Soffes respectively.


Follow Ben on (^followben) or visit


Ben Stovold


TPTentClient is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.