A simple personal Telegram bot plugins based.
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A simple personal Telegram bot plugins based.

How can I create a personal bot ?

Follow these steps: https://core.telegram.org/bots#3-how-do-i-create-a-bot

Configure smagenBot

Edit config.json

token: "YOUR BOT TOKEN",
interval: "everytime it has to check messages"
quiet: true if you want to know when it send a message, false if not
username: false allows your bot to send messages to everyone otherwise put it your username and it will send messages only to you
botname: Your bot nick

List of Plugins

To see a list of plugins send /help to your bot or list files in plugins/ directory

Currently I have made these plugins:

  • /os - Send to me my OS information
  • /pokemon <name> - Send to me informations about <name> pokémon
  • /expand <url> - Expand a short <url>
  • /btc <currency> - Show quotation of Bitcoin in <currency>
  • /imdb <film> - Show information about a <film>
  • /xkcd <id> or <random> - Send an image from xkcd

Add a Plugin

  • To add a simple plugin you have to add name.js file to a plugins/ directory.
  • Follow the examples to make your own plugin.
  • Add your plugin command and description to a list.json file

That's all.

To use it send to your bot /name.

How plugins works

Plugins have to put into an exec function that have one parameter and returns a callback with 2 parameters:

  • The first parameter is an array of objects
  • The second parameter is an array of strings. These strings coincide to type of the objects returns.

So if for example: if the first object is a text object the first element of the type's array is "text", if the second is a photo object the second element of the type's array is "photo" and so on.



Log Example

{"level":"info","message":"Text Sent to <?chat_id=-2572583>.","timestamp":"2016-01-21T14:27:42.668Z"}


  • Start plugin
  • Move plugins directory on the root of the repo
  • More plugins
  • if use /command@nickname your bot answer only if nickname is his name
  • The bot can send images from an url
  • The bot can send chatAction
  • The bot can send audio files
  • The bot can send videos from an url
  • The bot can send documents from an url
  • Plugins can send more messages at once (photo, text, etc.)



MIT 2015 Domenico Luciani domenicoleoneluciani@gmail.com