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RuBeer will be a website to find the best beer in a city. It was inspired during RubyConf Uruguay 2011: @apotonick asked for people to take him out for good Uruguayan beer during his presentation and @nu7hatch replied from the audience that there was no good beer in Uruguay. Actually there is, he just didn't know about it. So the goal of RuBeer is that this doesn't happen any more. There'll be information on the site from different cities, so when you're visiting, you can find what good beers you can have there, and where to find them.


The user will select a country and get access to its profile. The profiles should be editable by registered users, making this a collaborative project. It will list the available beers in each country. The beers should have a rating so that people will know which one is the most awesome beer in that country, and locations so that users will know how to get it.

Coming soon...

  • Offer a map interface, to easilly find places to get a nice beer and have a good time.
  • Share comments, places, events, brands, stories or whatever you want that gives other people information about beers.
  • Use the app anywhere! It should have a web interface and mobile versions for smartphone and tablet OSes (take advantage of GPS).
  • Last but not least, everybody who talk the beer language can use and enjoy the app!

Our beer app secret recipe

Developing team so far (in no particular order, generated by

picandocodigo - jmg - dan-espino - janogonzalez