Collected fixes for bash CVE-2014-6271
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CVE-2014-6271 patches for bash

The original mailing list post only lets you fetch the patches over unauthenticated HTTP. Sigh

I've downloaded these over HTTP and put them into a git repository that you can fetch over HTTPS and check independently.

I have not checked whether these files are authentic, but you can check independently whether you have the same files.

== Upstream patches ==

Retrieved from*-patches/

== Debian ==

Retrieved using apt-get source bash (version 4.2+dfsg-0.1+deb7u1). I'm not sure if apt did a gpg signature check on this.

== My own patches ==

== SHA256SUMS ==

427c3ba3e0d6ea29b8ddbfc2fa48f0f90fbd68d38501a409ba0beb73840245d3  upstream/bash30-017
80f15b2719f3acd746edbe828f23b80116ca033b870120301256131eaa5050b3  upstream/bash31-018
a0eccf9ceda50871db10d21efdd74b99e35efbd55c970c400eeade012816bb61  upstream/bash32-052
09de2a4309fdcdff470754357073b6e9b1e4662add5981888acba27a53954a1e  upstream/bash40-039
272e24a9a2802e896b20dae7c88d6a34b8dc89692c9bc90542cd4bda77607b6d  upstream/bash41-012
751a5d2330b21ac9aba7323acbbc91c948285f30a4bb41f56796f9a36b983d24  upstream/bash42-048
1e5186f5c4a619bb134a1177d9e9de879f3bb85d9c5726832b03a762a2499251  upstream/bash43-025
a197e03ea8e39d7f0cda14367bae1e5880384d50235516dfcd20921dc3810e57  debian/CVE-2014-6271.diff