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# Imports #
fs = require 'fs'
path = require 'path'
coffee = require 'coffee-script'
{exec} = require 'child_process'
# Config #
CLOSURE_COMPILER_PATH = './tools/closure-compiler/trunk/build/compiler.jar'
YUI_COMPRESSOR_PATH = './tools/yuicompressor-2.4.6/build/yuicompressor-2.4.6.jar'
# The command to use for minifying merged interpreter scripts.
none: 'cat '
yui: "java -jar #{YUI_COMPRESSOR_PATH} --type js "
uglify: 'uglifyjs -nc --unsafe '
closure: "java -Xmx4g -jar #{CLOSURE_COMPILER_PATH} --compilation_level SIMPLE_OPTIMIZATIONS --js "
closure_es5: "java -Xmx4g -jar #{CLOSURE_COMPILER_PATH} --language_in=ECMASCRIPT5 --compilation_level SIMPLE_OPTIMIZATIONS --js "
closure_advanced: "java -Xmx4g -jar #{CLOSURE_COMPILER_PATH} --compilation_level ADVANCED_OPTIMIZATIONS --js "
# Core Files #
CORE_FILES = ['', 'languages.js']
WORKER_FILES = ['sandbox.js', 'util/mtwister.js', 'util/polyfills.js']
# Helpers #
# Loads and returns the languages config.
loadLanguagesList = ->
langs_coffee = fs.readFileSync '', 'utf8'
@JSREPL = ->
@JSREPL::Languages = ->
eval coffee.compile langs_coffee
langs = @JSREPL::Languages::
delete @JSREPL
return langs
# Compiles a .coffee file to a .js one, synchronously.
compileCoffee = (filename) ->
console.log "Compiling #{filename}."
coffee_src = fs.readFileSync filename, 'utf8'
js_src = coffee.compile coffee_src
fs.writeFileSync filename.replace(/\.coffee$/, '.js'), js_src
# Creates any elements of the dirname of the given path that do not exist.
ensurePathExists = (the_path) ->
parts = the_path.split('/').slice 0, -1
current_path = '.'
for part in parts
current_path += '/' + part
fs.mkdirSync(current_path, 0o755) if not path.existsSync current_path
# Builds the interpreter engine including all dependencies for a given language.
buildEngine = (name, lang, callback) ->
console.log "Baking the #{name} interpreter."
# Compile the engine wrapper.
compileCoffee lang.engine
lang.engine = lang.engine.replace /\.coffee$/, '.js'
ensurePathExists 'build/' + lang.engine
minify lang.engine, 'build/' + lang.engine, DEFAULT_MINIFIER, ->
# Copy non-JS dependencies.
for include in lang.includes
ensurePathExists 'build/' + include
exec "cp -r #{include} build/#{include}"
# Determine what special browser builds we need.
builds = {default: []}
for script in lang.scripts
if typeof script is 'object'
for target of script
if not (target of builds) then builds[target] = []
# Define the scripts for each browser build.
for script in lang.scripts
for build_target, build of builds
if typeof script is 'string'
build.push script
build.push script[build_target] or script.default
# Merge in dependencies.
builds = ([i, j] for i,j of builds)
lang.scripts = [{}]
doNextBuild = ->
if builds.length is 0
if Object.keys(lang.scripts[0]).length is 0
lang.scripts[0] = lang.scripts[0].default
if callback then callback()
[build_target, scripts] = builds.pop()
console.log " Creating the #{build_target} build."
if scripts.length
min_path = "engines/#{name}-#{build_target}.js"
lang.scripts[0][build_target] = [min_path]
squash scripts, min_path, MINIFIERS[lang.minifier], doNextBuild
# Passes a given file through a minifier child process and calls back when done.
minify = (src, dest, minifier, callback) ->
exec "#{minifier} #{src}", maxBuffer: 1 << 23, (error, minified) ->
if error
console.log "Minifying #{src} failed:\n#{error.message}."
process.exit 1
fs.writeFileSync dest, minified
if callback then callback()
# Writes the specified languages list to languages.js
buildLanguagesList = (langs) ->
console.log 'Building languages list.'
langs_js = "JSREPL.prototype.Languages.prototype=#{JSON.stringify langs}"
fs.writeFileSync 'languages.js', langs_js
# Watches a file for changes. Calls the callback immediately when first run.
watchFile = (filename, callback) ->
callback filename
fs.watchFile filename, (current, old) ->
if +current.mtime != +old.mtime then callback filename
# Compiles, concatenates and minifies a given sequence of scripts.
squash = (srcs, outname, minifier, callback) ->
contents = []
for file in srcs
if /\.coffee$/.test file
compileCoffee file
file = file.replace /\.coffee$/, '.js'
contents.push fs.readFileSync file, 'utf8'
fs.writeFileSync 'tmp/' + outname, contents.join ';\n'
minify 'tmp/' + outname, 'build/' + outname, minifier, callback
# Main Tasks #
# Bakes the pies, brews the coffee and sets up the lunch table.
task 'bake', 'Build everything for deployment', ->
exec 'rm -rf tmp build', ->
fs.mkdirSync 'tmp', 0o755
fs.mkdirSync 'build', 0o755
console.log "Baking worker."
exec 'cp sandbox.html build', ->
squash WORKER_FILES, 'sandbox.js', DEFAULT_MINIFIER, ->
console.log "Baking languages."
fs.mkdirSync 'tmp/engines', 0o755
fs.mkdirSync 'build/engines', 0o755
langs = loadLanguagesList()
pending_langs = ([i, j] for i,j of langs)
buildNextLang = (callback) ->
if pending_langs.length is 0
[name, config] = pending_langs.pop()
buildEngine name, config, -> buildNextLang callback
buildNextLang ->
console.log "Baking core."
buildLanguagesList langs
squash CORE_FILES, 'jsrepl.js', DEFAULT_MINIFIER, ->
# Mark output as pre-baked to prevent loading of merged files.
contents = ('window.__BAKED_JSREPL_BUILD__ = true;\n' +
fs.readFileSync 'build/jsrepl.js', 'utf8')
fs.writeFileSync 'build/jsrepl.js', contents
# Remove temp folder.
exec 'rm -rf tmp', 0o755, ->
console.log 'Done.'
# Watches all coffee files and compiles them live to Javascript.
task 'watch', 'Watch all coffee files and compile them live to javascript', ->
console.log 'Watching jsREPL...'
watched_files = []
reload = ->
console.log 'Reloading language config.'
langs = loadLanguagesList()
catch e
console.log "Error reading language config: #{e}."
files_to_watch = [].concat WATCHED_FILES
for name, config of langs
files_to_watch.push config.engine
config.engine = config.engine.replace /\.coffee$/, '.js'
for script, index in config.scripts
if typeof script is 'string' and /\.coffee$/.test script
files_to_watch.push script
config.scripts[index] = script.replace /\.coffee$/, '.js'
buildLanguagesList langs
compileFile = (filename) ->
compileCoffee filename
catch e
console.log "Error compiling #{filename}: #{e}."
for file in watched_files
if file not in files_to_watch
console.log "Stopped watching #{file}."
fs.unwatchFile file
for file in files_to_watch
if file not in watched_files
watchFile file, (filename) -> setTimeout (-> compileFile(filename)), 1
watched_files = files_to_watch
# Reading directly from a watchFile callback sometimes fails.
watchFile '', -> setTimeout reload, 1