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# Get this loader script_element element.
script_element = document.getElementById 'jsrepl-script'
if script_element?
# The path that would prefix all files to load.
BASE_PATH = script_element.src.split('/')[...-1].join '/'
SANDBOX_SRC = "#{BASE_PATH}/sandbox.html"
throw new Error 'JSREPL script element cannot be found. Make sure you have the ID "jsrepl-script" on it.'
class Loader
constructor: ->
# A function to get the body and head tag.
# Won't be available if this was called before window load.
loadfn = =>
@head = document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0]
@body = document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0]
# If this file was loaded in an iframe its probably after window load so
# lets try and get the head & body tags anyways.
# If we are still before window load then we should create a function queue
# to delay till after window load.
@loadfns = [loadfn]
# When the window actually loads, execute all queued functions.
window.onload = =>
fn() for fn in @loadfns
@iframe = null
# Appends an element to the head or body tag, or queues call till window load
# if the element in question is not available.
_appendChild: (tag, elem) ->
fn = => @[tag].appendChild elem
if @[tag]?
# The tag actually exists just append the elem.
# We are before window load; delay the append till window load.
@loadfns.push fn
# Creates a new sandbox (iframe window), and injects self into it. Calls
# callback with the new sandbox.
createSandbox: (callback) ->
if @iframe? then @body.removeChild @iframe
@iframe = document.createElement 'iframe'
@iframe.src = SANDBOX_SRC = 'none'
@iframe.onload = =>
callback @iframe.contentWindow
@_appendChild 'body', @iframe
class EventEmitter
constructor: ->
@listeners = {}
makeArray: (obj) ->
if != '[object Array]'
obj = [obj]
on: (types, fn) ->
return if typeof fn != 'function'
types = @makeArray types
for type in types
if not @listeners[type]?
@listeners[type] = [fn]
@listeners[type].push fn
off: (types, fn) ->
types = @makeArray types
for type in types
listeners = @listeners[type]
continue if not listeners?
if fn?
i = listeners.indexOf fn
if i > -1
listeners.splice(i, 1)
@listeners[type] = []
fire: (type, args) ->
args = @makeArray args
listeners = @listeners[type]
return if not listeners?
args.push type
# We clone the array of listeners before we fire.
# Just incase one listener is a "once" listener
# Which will screw up the iteration.
fn.apply @, args for fn in (f for f in listeners)
once: (types, fn) ->
types = @makeArray types
cb = (args...) =>
@off type, cb for type in types
fn args...
@on type, cb for type in types
workerSupported = 'Worker' of window
class Sandbox extends EventEmitter
# baseScripts: The scripts that loads every time a new worker is created.
constructor: (baseScripts, @input_server, listeners = {}) ->
@baseScripts = (BASE_PATH + '/' + path for path in baseScripts)
@loader = new Loader
for type, fn of listeners
listeners[type] = [fn] if typeof fn is 'function'
@listeners = listeners
# onmessage handler for worker.
onmsg: (event) =>
# IE fires extra events that we want to ignore.
msg = JSON.parse
# Execute listeners.
@fire msg.type, []
catch e
# Ignore.
# Loads a new instance of a worker with the basescripts + the new scripts.
load: (moreScripts, workerFriendly=true) ->
allScripts = @baseScripts.concat moreScripts
base = allScripts.shift()
# Kill existing worker if we have one.
if @worker? then @kill()
# Called after creating the worker.
postCreate = =>
@post type: 'importScripts', data: allScripts
if @input_server?
@post type: 'set_input_server', data: @input_server
# Remove previous onmsg handler on the window if exists.
window.removeEventListener 'message', @onmsg, false
if not workerSupported or not workerFriendly
# Worker not supported; create a new iframe sandbox replacing the old one.
@loader.createSandbox (sandbox) =>
@worker = sandbox
@workerIsIframe = true
window.addEventListener 'message', @onmsg, false
# Workers are supported! \o/
@worker = new Worker base
@workerIsIframe = false
@worker.addEventListener 'message', @onmsg, false
post: (msgObj) ->
msgStr = JSON.stringify msgObj
if not @workerIsIframe
@worker.postMessage msgStr
# Worker is an iframe; additional origin argument required.
@worker.postMessage msgStr, '*'
# Terminate worker or delete iframe.
kill: ->
if @loader.body? and @loader.iframe
@loader.body.removeChild @loader.iframe
delete @loader['iframe']
# The Cakefile defines this to be true, to prevent JSREPL from loading files
# that have already been merged in.
# window.__BAKED_JSREPL_BUILD__ = false
# Basic user agent detection.
UA = do ->
firefox_3: /firefox\/3/i
opera: /opera/i
chrome: /chrome/i
for ua, ua_regex of UA_REGEXS
if ua_regex.test window.navigator.userAgent
return ua
class JSREPL extends EventEmitter
constructor: ({ result, error, input, output, progress, @timeout, input_server } = {}) ->
if window.openDatabase?
db = openDatabase 'replit_input', '1.0', 'Emscripted input', 1024
db.transaction (tx) ->
tx.executeSql 'DROP TABLE IF EXISTS input'
tx.executeSql 'CREATE TABLE input (text)'
input_server ?= {}
input_server.input_id = Math.floor(Math.random() * 9007199254740992) + 1
# The definition of the current language.
@lang = null
# There are two input event types. Abstract that for users.
@on 'input', input
# Create initial worker.
baseScripts = ['sandbox.js']
if not window.__BAKED_JSREPL_BUILD__
baseScripts = baseScripts.concat ['util/polyfills.js', 'util/mtwister.js']
@sandbox = new Sandbox baseScripts, input_server,
output: output
input: =>
@fire 'input', (data) =>
type: 'input.write'
data: data
error: error
result: result
progress: progress
db_input: =>
@fire 'input', (data) => 'recieved_input', [data]
db.transaction (tx) ->
tx.executeSql "INSERT INTO input (text) VALUES ('#{data}')", []
server_input: =>
@fire 'input', (data) => 'recieved_input', [data]
url = (input_server.url || '/emscripten/input/') + input_server.input_id
if input_server.cors
xhr = new XMLHttpRequest()
if 'withCredentials' of xhr 'POST', url, true
else if XDomainRequest?
xhr = new XDomainRequest() 'POST', url
throw new Error('CORS not supported on your browser')
xhr = new XMLHttpRequest() 'POST', url, true
xhr.send "input=#{data}"
# Only listen to input events to abstract all input types.
# Proxy other events to the sandbox.
on: (types, fn) =>
types = @makeArray types
for type in types
if type is 'input'
super 'input', fn
@sandbox.on type, fn
off: (types, fn) =>
types = @makeArray types
for type in types
if type is 'input'
super 'input', fn
else type, fn
# Loads the specified language.
# @arg lang_name: The name of the language to load, a member of
# JSREPL::Languages as defined in
# @arg callback: The function to call after loading finishes.
# @arg worker_friendly: Whether we should load the language in a worker.
loadLanguage: (lang_name, loadInWorker, callback) =>
if typeof loadInWorker is 'function'
[callback, loadInWorker] = [loadInWorker, undefined]
if not JSREPL::Languages::[lang_name]?
throw new Error "Language #{lang_name} not supported."
@current_lang_name = lang_name
# Switch the language.
@lang = JSREPL::Languages::[lang_name]
# One time ready callback.
if callback?
@sandbox.once 'ready', callback
# Load worker with language specific scripts.
lang_scripts = for script in @lang.scripts
if typeof script == 'object'
script[UA] || script['default']
@sandbox.load lang_scripts.concat([@lang.engine]), loadInWorker
# Checks whether the REPL should continue to the next line rather than run
# the evaluator. Forces evaluation if the last line is empty. Otherwise
# delegates to the language engine's command completion checker.
# @arg command: A string containing the command entered so far.
checkLineEnd: (command, callback) =>
if /\n\s*$/.test command
callback false
@sandbox.once 'indent', callback
type: 'getNextLineIndent'
data: command
# Evaluates a command in the current engine.
# @arg command: A string containing the code to execute.
eval: (command, callback) =>
if not @sandbox.workerIsIframe and @timeout? and @timeout.time and @timeout.callback
t = null
cb = => 'timeout'
a = @timeout.callback()
if not a
t = setTimeout cb, @timeout.time
t = setTimeout cb, @timeout.time
listener = (args..., type) =>
clearTimeout t
if type is 'input'
@once 'recieved_input', =>
t = setTimeout cb, @timeout.time
bind = =>
@once ['result', 'error', 'input'], listener
unbind = =>
@off ['result', 'error', 'input'], listener
if typeof callback is 'function'
@once ['result', 'error'], (args..., type) =>
if type is 'error'
callback args[0], null
callback null, args[0]
type: 'engine.Eval'
data: command
# Evaluates a command in the current engine and return a raw result.
# @arg command: A string containing the code to execute.
rawEval: (command) =>
type: 'engine.RawEval'
data: command
# Gets the language config object.
# @arg lang_name: The language name to return the config for
getLangConfig: (lang_name) =>
JSREPL::Languages::[lang_name or @current_lang_name] or null
# The languages and engines modules.
class JSREPL::Languages
# Export for testing.
class JSREPL::__test__
JSREPL::__test__::Loader = Loader
JSREPL::__test__::EventEmitter = EventEmitter
JSREPL::__test__::Sandbox = Sandbox
# Export JSREPL to the world.