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5330e59 Dec 16, 2011
olivier.girard Update ChangeLog
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2011-12-16 [r128]
* Fixed CALL x(SR) bug (see Bugtracker,view,2111 )
2011-10-05 [r122]
* Add coverage report generation (NCVERILOG only) Add support for
the ISIM Xilinx simulator.
2011-06-23 [r117]
* To facilitate commercial adoption of the openMSP430, the core has
moved to a modified BSD license.
2011-05-29 [r115]
* Add linker script example.
2011-05-21 [r112]
* Modified comment.
2011-05-20 [r111]
* Re-organized the "openMSP430_defines.v" file. Re-defined the
CPU_ID register of the debug interface (in particular to support
custom user versioning). Added RTL configuration possibility to
expand the peripheral address space from 512B (0x0000 to 0x0200)
to up to 32kB (0x0000 to 0x8000). As a consequence the per_addr
bus width goes from 8 to 14 bits and the peripherals address
decoders have been updated accordingly.
2011-03-25 [r106]
* Separated the Timer A defines from the openMSP430 ones. Added the
"dbg_en" port in order to allow a separate reset of the debug
interface. Added the "core_en" port (when cleared, the CPU will
stop execution, the dbg_freeze signal will be set and the aclk &
smclk will be stopped). Renamed "per_wen" to "per_we" to prevent
confusion with active low signals. Removed to missing unused
flops when the DBG_EN is not defined (thanks to Mihai
2011-03-10 [r105]
* Removed dummy memory read access for the MOV/PUSH/CALL/RETI
instructions. These were not problematic but this is simply
cleaner that way.
2011-03-05 [r103]
* Removed the timescale from all RTL files. Added possibility to
exclude the "includes" statements from the RTL.
2011-03-04 [r102]
* Fixed bug reported by Mihai (,view,1955
). The following PUSH instructions are now working as expected: -
indexed mode: PUSH x(R1) - indirect register mode: PUSH @R1 -
indirect autoincrement: PUSH @R1+
2011-03-04 [r101]
* Cosmetic change in order to prevent an X propagation whenever
executing a byte instruction with an uninitialized memory
location as source.
2011-02-28 [r99]
* Small fix for CVER simulator support.
2011-02-28 [r98]
* Added support for VCS verilog simulator. VPD and TRN waveforms
can now be generated.
2011-02-24 [r95]
* Update some test patterns for the additional simulator supports.
2011-02-24 [r94]
* Thanks to Mihai-Costin Manolescu's contribution, the simulation
scripts now support the following simulators: - Icarus Verilog -
Cver - Verilog-XL - NCVerilog - Modelsim
2011-02-20 [r91]
* Fixed bug when an IRQ arrives while CPU is halted through the
serial debug interface. This bug is CRITICAL for people using
working with interrupts and the Serial Debug Interface.
2011-01-28 [r86]
* Update serial debug interface test patterns to make them work
with all program memory configurations.
2011-01-28 [r85]
* Diverse RTL cosmetic updates.
2011-01-23 [r84]
* Update SRAM model in the core testbench to prevent the IEEE
warning when running simulations. Update watchdog to fix NMI
synchronisation problem. Add synchronizers for the PUC signal in
the debug interface.
2010-12-05 [r80]
* Create initial version of the Actel FPGA implementation example.
2010-11-23 [r79]
* Update the GPIO peripheral to fix a potential synchronization
2010-11-18 [r76]
* Add possibility to simulate C code within the "core" environment.
2010-08-28 [r74]
* Update serial debug interface to support memories with a size
which is not a power of 2. Update the software tools accordingly.
2010-08-03 [r73]
* Update all bash scripts headers with "#!/bin/bash" instead of
"#!/bin/sh". This will prevent compatibility problems in systems
where bash isn't the default shell.
2010-08-01 [r72]
* Expand configurability options of the program and data memory
2010-03-07 [r67-68]
* Update synthesis scripts with the hardware multiplier support.
* Added 16x16 Hardware Multiplier.
2010-03-07 [r66]
* The peripheral templates are now under BSD license. Developers of
new peripherals based on these templates won't have to disclose
their code.
2010-02-24 [r65]
* Add possibility to disable waveform dumping by setting the
OMSP_NODUMP environment variable to 1.
2010-02-14 [r64]
* Add Actel synthesis environment for size and speed analysis.
2010-02-14 [r63]
* Add Altera synthesis environment for size and speed analysis.
2010-02-14 [r62]
* Add Xilinx synthesis environment for size&speed analysis.
2010-02-03 [r60]
* Cleanup of the PC (R0) generation logic. Formal equivalence was
shown between the new and old code with Synopsys' Formality (to
make sure that nothing has been broken :-P ).
2010-02-01 [r58]
* Update the debug hardware breakpoint verification patterns to
reflect the latest design updates.
2010-02-01 [r57]
* Update design to exclude the range mode from the debug hardware
breakpoint units. As this feature is not used by GDB, it has been
disabled in order to improve the timings and save a bit of
area/utilisation. Note that if required, this feature can be
re-enabled through the `HWBRK_RANGE define located in the
"openMSP430_defines.v" file.
2010-01-28 [r56]
* Update Design Compiler Synthesis scripts.
2010-01-27 [r55]
* Add a "sandbox" test pattern to play around with the simulation
2010-01-27 [r54]
* Update FPGA projects with the combinatorial loop fixed.
2010-01-27 [r53]
* Fixed the following combinatorial timing loop: 1- irq_detect
(omsp_frontend) 2- decode (omsp_frontend) 3- dbg_swbrk (omsp_dbg)
4- halt_flag_set (omsp_dbg) 6- dbg_halt_cmd (omsp_dbg) 7-
irq_detect (omsp_frontend) Without this fix, problem could occur
whenever an IRQ request arrives during a software breakpoint
instruction fetch.
2009-12-29 [r34]
* To avoid potential conflicts with other Verilog modules in bigger
projects, the openMSP430 sub-modules have all been renamed with
the "omsp_" prefix.
2009-12-29 [r33]
* In order to avoid confusion, the following changes have been
implemented to the Verilog code: - renamed the "rom_*" ports and
defines to "pmem_*" (program memory). - renamed the "ram_*" ports
and defines to "dmem_*" (data memory). In addition, in order to
prevent potential conflicts with the Verilog defines of other
IPs, a Verilog undefine file has been created.
2009-08-30 [r23]
* Renamed the "" file to "openMSP430_defines.v" &
added the "timescale.v" file. In order to follow the same
structure as other OpenCores projects, the timescale and the
defines are now included from within the Verilog files (using the
`include construct).
2009-08-04 [r19]
* added SVN property for keywords
2009-08-04 [r18]
* Updated headers with SVN info
2009-08-04 [r17]
* Updated header with SVN info
2009-07-13 [r6]
* Some more SVN ignore properties...
2009-06-30 [r2]
* Upload complete openMSP430 project to the SVN repository