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2011-11-10 [r126]
* Remove freewrap642 directory. Tools users now have to install
TCL/TK instead.
2011-10-27 [r124]
* Improved gdbproxy robustness. Create a workaround to prevent GDB
from freezing when single-stepping on a LPMx or a "JMP $-0"
2011-06-24 [r119]
* Slight improvement of the gdbproxy to improve the support of the
EMBSYSREGVIEW Eclipse plugin.
2011-05-26 [r114]
* Improved the VerifyCPU_ID procedure.
2011-05-19 [r110]
* Rework of the GUI for the software development tools. Added
possibility to give custom information through the omsp_alias.xml
2011-02-27 [r97]
* Update Tools' Windows executables with EraseROM command fix.
2011-02-27 [r96]
* Fixed EraseROM command in the TCL library of the Software
development tools.
2011-02-20 [r93]
* Update Tools' Windows executables.
2011-02-20 [r92]
* Fixed bug where the openmsp430-minidebug application shows data
memory size instead of program memory size and program memory
size instead of data memory size. Thanks to "dir" for reporting
the bug :-)
2011-02-05 [r89-90]
* Update windows executables for the tools.
* Update the loader tool to support Intel-HEX format.
2011-02-05 [r88]
* Update windows executables for the tools.
2011-02-05 [r87]
* Minor update of gdbproxy to allow sourcing some custom tcl
scripts. Major update of the minidebugger (complete re-work of
the GUI).
2010-11-21 [r78]
* update windows executable files
2010-11-21 [r77]
* Tool script update with additional checks: - execution of the
"msp430-objcopy" ran properly - add a timeout delay to wait for
the generated bin file - check if the size of the ELF file
program section is the same as the available program memory.
2010-08-28 [r75]
* Update development tools windows executable to support memories
whose size are not a power of 2.
2010-08-28 [r74]
* Update serial debug interface to support memories with a size
which is not a power of 2. Update the software tools accordingly.
2009-12-29 [r35]
* Update documentation to reflect the latest Verilog changes.
2009-08-04 [r15]
* Updated headers with SVN info
2009-08-04 [r14]
* Updated headers with SVN info
2009-06-30 [r2]
* Upload complete openMSP430 project to the SVN repository
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