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This zip archive contains the full text extract of spring_summer_activity_2010.pdf,
as provided by PDFTextOnline <>,
the best desktop solution for PDF text extraction, all in your browser.

The text extract is saved in this directory as the file 'text_extract.txt',
and is formatted using the "semantic" layout.  Please refer to the PDFTextOnline
help page for details on what that means.

Please note that this file is encoded using UTF-8, so as to preserve
special characters, diacriticals, and glyphs.  Make sure your text editor
or word processor is capable of opening files encoded using UTF-8, and that
you enable that mode when viewing the text extract file.  (Please refer to
your text editor's or word processor's documentation for details.)  Not doing
this may result in some characters in the text extract being shown in your
text editor or word processor incorrectly.

We love comments, questions, and feedback in general.  Come visit us at
<>, or send email to <>.