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This list is sorted in alphabetical order, and is probably incomplete.
I'd like to thank everybody who contributed in any way, with code, bug
reports, and comments.
This list should not be interpreted as an endorsement of PyCrypto by the
people on it.
Please let me know if your name isn't here and should be!
- Dwayne C. Litzenberger
Nevins Bartolomeo
Thorsten E. Behrens
Tim Berners-Lee
Frédéric Bertolus
Ian Bicking
Joris Bontje
Antoon Bosselaers
Andrea Bottoni
Jean-Paul Calderone
Sergey Chernov
Geremy Condra
Jan Dittberner
Andrew Eland
Philippe Frycia
Peter Gutmann
Hirendra Hindocha
Nikhil Jhingan
Sebastian Kayser
Ryan Kelly
Andrew M. Kuchling
Piers Lauder
Legrandin <>
M.-A. Lemburg
Wim Lewis
Mark Moraes
Lim Chee Siang
Bryan Olson
Wallace Owen
Colin Plumb
Robey Pointer
Lorenz Quack
Sebastian Ramacher
Jeethu Rao
James P. Rutledge
Matt Schreiner
Peter Simmons
Janne Snabb
Tom St. Denis
Anders Sundman
Paul Swartz
Kevin M. Turner
Barry A. Warsaw
Eric Young
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