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Jun 14, 2011


Python 2 and 3 compatibility
Jun 14, 2011


Import v1.2
- Compatibility release (v1.2)

- Add support for older versions of Python (2.2 and 2.3).
Jun 14, 2011


Import v1.1 into the repository
 - Bugfix release (v1.1)

 - SECURITY: The PyCrypto XOR cipher (used, if available, in the _strxor
   function in the previous release) silently truncates all keys to 64 bytes.
   The way it was used in the previous release, this would only be problem if
   the pseudorandom function that returned values larger than 64 bytes (so
   SHA1, SHA256 and SHA512 are fine), but I don't like anything that silently
   reduces the security margin from what is expected.
Jun 14, 2011


Import v1.0
Initial Release
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