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rubyzip is a ruby library for reading and writing zip files.


gem install rubyzip

To run the unit tests you need to have test::unit installed

rake test Build Status


There is more than one way to access or create a zip archive with rubyzip. The basic API is modeled after the classes in from the Java SDK. This means there are classes such as Zip::ZipInputStream, Zip::ZipOutputStream and Zip::ZipFile. Zip::ZipInputStream provides a basic interface for iterating through the entries in a zip archive and reading from the entries in the same way as from a regular File or IO object. ZipOutputStream is the corresponding basic output facility. Zip::ZipFile provides a mean for accessing the archives central directory and provides means for accessing any entry without having to iterate through the archive. Unlike Java's rubyzip's Zip::ZipFile is mutable, which means it can be used to change zip files as well.

Another way to access a zip archive with rubyzip is to use rubyzip's Zip::ZipFileSystem API. Using this API files can be read from and written to the archive in much the same manner as ruby's builtin classes allows files to be read from and written to the file system.

rubyzip also features the zip/ziprequire.rb[link:files/lib/zip/ziprequire_rb.html] module which allows ruby to load ruby modules from zip archives.

For details about the specific behaviour of classes and methods refer to the test suite. Finally you can generate the rdoc documentation or visit


rubyzip is distributed under the same license as ruby. See

Website and Project Home


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Technorama Ltd. (oss-ruby-zip at

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