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OBJ=render_info.cmo tex.cmo texutil.cmo parser.cmo lexer.cmo texvc.cmo \
render_info.cmx tex.cmx texutil.cmx parser.cmx lexer.cmx texvc.cmx \
lexer.cmi parser.cmi render_info.cmi tex.cmi texutil.cmi texvc.cmi \
lexer.o parser.o render_info.o tex.o texutil.o texvc.o \ parser.mli texvc texvc.bc texvc_test.cmo \
texvc_test.cmx texvc_test.cmi texvc_test.o texvc_test util.o \
util.cmo util.cmx util.cmi texvc_cgi.cmi texvc_cgi texvc_cgi.cmo \
render.o render.cmi render.cmo render.cmx texvc_tex.cmx \
texvc_tex.o texvc_tex.cmi texvc_tex html.cmi html.cmo html.cmx \
html.o mathml.cmi mathml.cmo mathml.cmx mathml.o
CGIPATH=-I /usr/lib/ocaml/cgi -I /usr/lib/ocaml/netstring -I /usr/lib/ocaml/pcre
all: texvc texvc_test texvc_tex
texvc.bc: util.cmo parser.cmo html.cmo mathml.cmo texutil.cmo render.cmo lexer.cmo texvc.cmo
ocamlc -o $@ unix.cma $^
texvc: util.cmx parser.cmx html.cmx mathml.cmx texutil.cmx render.cmx lexer.cmx texvc.cmx
ocamlopt -o $@ unix.cmxa $^
texvc_test: util.cmx parser.cmx html.cmx mathml.cmx texutil.cmx lexer.cmx texvc_test.cmx
ocamlopt -o $@ $^
texvc_tex: util.cmx parser.cmx html.cmx mathml.cmx texutil.cmx lexer.cmx texvc_tex.cmx
ocamlopt -o $@ $^ %.mll
ocamllex $<
%.mli %.mly
ocamlyacc $<
ocamlc -c $<
ocamlopt -c $<
%.cmi: %.mli
ocamlc -c $<
ocamlc -c $(CGIPATH) $<
texvc_cgi: util.cmo parser.cmo texutil.cmo render.cmo lexer.cmo texvc_cgi.cmo
ocamlc -o $@ unix.cma $(CGIPATH) pcre.cma netstring.cma cgi.cma $^
chmod g-w $@
rm -f $(OBJ)
html.cmo: render_info.cmi tex.cmi util.cmo html.cmi
html.cmx: render_info.cmi tex.cmi util.cmx html.cmi
html.cmi: tex.cmi
lexer.cmo: parser.cmi render_info.cmi tex.cmi texutil.cmi
lexer.cmx: parser.cmx render_info.cmi tex.cmi texutil.cmx
mathml.cmo: tex.cmi mathml.cmi
mathml.cmx: tex.cmi mathml.cmi
mathml.cmi: tex.cmi
parser.cmo: render_info.cmi tex.cmi parser.cmi
parser.cmx: render_info.cmi tex.cmi parser.cmi
parser.cmi: render_info.cmi tex.cmi
render.cmo: texutil.cmi util.cmo
render.cmx: texutil.cmx util.cmx
tex.cmi: render_info.cmi
texutil.cmo: html.cmi parser.cmi render_info.cmi tex.cmi util.cmo texutil.cmi
texutil.cmx: html.cmx parser.cmx render_info.cmi tex.cmi util.cmx texutil.cmi
texutil.cmi: parser.cmi tex.cmi
texvc.cmo: html.cmi lexer.cmo mathml.cmi parser.cmi render.cmo texutil.cmi util.cmo
texvc.cmx: html.cmx lexer.cmx mathml.cmx parser.cmx render.cmx texutil.cmx util.cmx
texvc_cgi.cmo: lexer.cmo parser.cmi render.cmo texutil.cmi util.cmo
texvc_cgi.cmx: lexer.cmx parser.cmx render.cmx texutil.cmx util.cmx
texvc_test.cmo: html.cmi lexer.cmo parser.cmi texutil.cmi util.cmo
texvc_test.cmx: html.cmx lexer.cmx parser.cmx texutil.cmx util.cmx
texvc_tex.cmo: lexer.cmo parser.cmi texutil.cmi util.cmo
texvc_tex.cmx: lexer.cmx parser.cmx texutil.cmx util.cmx
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