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Twittercast - Shoutcast/Icecast Song Title To Twitter PHP Status Script

Supports Shoutcast V1/2 or Icecast

  1. Register a new app at
  2. Fill in API keys and server info in shoutcast.php or icecast.php
  3. Upload all files to your webserver in a web accessable directory
  4. Set permissions on uploaded files to 755
  5. Visit shoutcast.php or icecast.php in your browser to trigger an update or setup a cron job

cron job example:

*/3 * * * * php /home/username/public_html/

In this example php will execute shoutcast.php once ever 3 minutes. You may change to your desire.

some systems have different settings when running php from the command line... so you may also try:

*/3 * * * * wget

man crontab for more info. man wget for more info

This script will work properly on a default LAMP stack.

** Many shared hosting prividers disable required php modules and outbound ports. Please check with your provider for supprt **

php module requirements

sockets curl pcre

I provide twittercast hosting if needed.

** Credits to for EpiTwitter **

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