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show_os_distro () {
## this function is somewhat dependant on the flavor of *nix. i think Linux(tm) is the only
## OS that will give less than useful information from "uname -sr".
exec 2> /dev/null ## suppress errors generated in this function
[[ ${OSTYPE} == linux* ]] && {
## try to figure out the distro with lsb_release. if that fails, look at /proc/version
lsb_release -sd || {
read < /proc/version ; print ${${REPLY//*\(/}//[0-9]*}
} | read 'PR_STUFF[os_name]'
## most linux distros should produce useful output from above. for everything else use uname.
[[ -z "${PR_STUFF[os_name]}" ]] && PR_STUFF[os_name]=$(uname -sr)
[[ -n "${PR_STUFF[os_name]}" ]] && print -n "(${fg_bold[white]}${${=PR_STUFF[os_name]}[*]}${${terminfo[sgr0]}})"
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