Turn gifs into csv files that tableau can read
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Turn gifs into csv files that tableau can read


Here is a direct link to the most current version


tableau-gif is a shell script, so drop it somewhere in your $PATH

You need imagemagick or graphicsmagick to make this work.


Just run tableau-gif file.gif and a csv file will be created in your cwd. There will be a zipped copy too because the raw csv files are usually very large.

$ tableau-gif rickroll.gif
$ ls

Here's a warning though: The csv file has unix line endings. Tableau appears to handle this just fine, but opening the csv file in notepad or similar text editors could be disastrous.

Using the output with tableau

Super complex steps: Follow these and don't miss anything.

  1. Create a new sheet and connect it with the csv data (just use the defaults, everything should work)
  2. Change x and y from Measures to Dimension (drag) and convert them both to continuous
  3. Drag the x measure onto Columns and y onto Rows.
  4. Make a calculated measure that is the sum of r, g, and b. Drag this calculated measure onto Color
  5. Edit the colors:
    • Click the little colored box, change it to pure black, and click OK.
    • Check Reversed
    • Under Advanced, change Start to 0 and End to 765
  6. Change frame from a Measure to a Dimension
  7. Drag frame to Pages
  8. Wait
  9. Adjust the Size scale for best results
  10. Done! Change frames by changing Pages parameters.
  11. If it didn't work, open a new issue (with a screenshot preferably)