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# Installation
## Using Quicklisp
1. Install quicklisp
2. Use quicklisp to install local-time
(ql:quickload :local-time)
## Manual Installation
1. Make sure the ASDF library is loaded. In SBCL, this involves:
(require :asdf)
2. Add the path to the directory containing local-time.asd to
asdf:*central-registry*. If you've installed this package using
asdf-install, this shouldn't be necessary.
(push "/my/local-time/directory/" asdf:*central-registry*)
3. Load local-time using ASDF:
(asdf:oos 'asdf:load-op 'local-time)
4. In your own projects, you can direct asdf to automatically load
LOCAL-TIME with the :depends-on asdf:defsystem directive.
(defsystem myproject
:depends-on (local-time)
## Testing
local-time uses Stefil for testing. To run the Stefil test suite, do
the following:-
(ql:quickload :local-time.test)
(in-suite test)