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Fixed inaccuracies in the documentation

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commit 1b77c784b0315765768b4648361f8ab905ff2f74 1 parent 7a7ae99
@dlowe-net authored
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  1. +7 −4 doc/local-time.texinfo
11 doc/local-time.texinfo
@@ -248,12 +248,15 @@ date, which is the midnight of the current day in the UTC zone.
@itindex encode-timestamp
-@defun encode-timestamp nsec sec minute hour day month year &optional offset
+@defun encode-timestamp nsec sec minute hour day month year &key timezone offset into
Returns a new @code{timestamp} instance corresponding to the specified
time elements. The @var{offset} is the number of seconds offset from
-UTC of the locale. The offset will be set by default to the lisp
-implementation's default offset at the @emph{current time}.
+UTC of the locale. If @var{offset} is not specified, the offset will
+be guessed from the @var{timezone}. If a @code{timestamp} is passed
+as the @var{into} argument, its value will be set and that
+@code{timestamp} will be returned. Otherwise, a new @code{timestamp}
+is created.
@end defun
@@ -315,7 +318,7 @@ corresponds with the time received from the POSIX call @code{time()}.
@end defun
@itindex timestamp-subtimezone
-@defun timestamp-subtimezone timestamp &optional timezone
+@defun timestamp-subtimezone timestamp timezone
Returns as multiple values the time zone applicable at the given time
as the number of seconds east of UTC, a boolean daylight-saving-p, and
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