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Fix interpretation of T as destination argument to FORMAT-TIMESTRING

Make FORMAT-TIMESTRING write to *STANDARD-OUTPUT* when T is passed as
DESTINATION argument, like promised in the docstring.  WRITE-STRING
accepts a stream designator as destination, and T as a stream
designator designates *TERMINAL-IO*.
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commit 5797a116921996c1ceb59b0154ea1cd3cf13efb9 1 parent 1b77c78
Hans Hübner authored January 12, 2012

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  1. 2  src/local-time.lisp
2  src/local-time.lisp
@@ -1550,7 +1550,7 @@ You can see examples in +ISO-8601-FORMAT+, +ASCTIME-FORMAT+, and +RFC-1123-FORMA
1550 1550
   (declare (type (or boolean stream) destination))
1551 1551
   (let ((result (%construct-timestring timestamp format timezone)))
1552 1552
     (when destination
-      (write-string result destination))
+      (write-string result (if (eq t destination) *standard-output* destination)))
1554 1554
1555 1555
1556 1556
 (defun format-rfc1123-timestring (destination timestamp)

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