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A full-featured IRC bot in Common Lisp
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Orcabot - A modular IRC bot

Orcabot is an IRC bot written in Common Lisp, intended to be functional and easy to maintain. It was developed using sbcl, so this documentation assumes that you have sbcl installed.

Orcabot also depends on quicklisp to load the libraries it depends on, and assumes that quicklisp is loaded in your .sbclrc file.

When you start orcabot, you specify a writable directory where all of its stored data goes. This directory must have a file in it called "config.lisp". Orcabot gets all of its initial configuration from this file. Here is a minimal example session:

(nick "orcabot")
(server "" :port 6667)
(autojoin "#orcabot" "#lisp")
(modules admin basic chant)
  (allow :user "me" :modules (admin))
  (deny :modules (admin)))

To start orcabot, running this at the command line should be all that is required:

sbcl --load "bin/start.lisp" <data directory>

Each module can be enabled or disabled independently of the others, and can implement a wide array of features. A list of modules can be found within the documentation.

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