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trac plugin to integrate with beanstalk web hooks
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This is a trac plugin for handling beanstalk 'web hook' commit callbacks
in trac repositories.

This means the svnsync commands can be done automatically on commit, instead
of via an out-of-band setup. It also enables the full set of "commit ticket
updater" features for automatically associating tickets with changesets.

It has only been tested with subversion and trac 0.12.2!

To use:
 * build and install the plugin (python bdist_egg, copy the egg to
 * svnsync initialize a local mirror of the beanstalk repository.
 * add [beanstalk].trac_admin_command trac config.
   e.g.: trac_admin_command = /usr/local/bin/trac-admin
 * add [beanstalk].sync_commands trac config with exact svnsync synchronize
   e.g.: sync_commands = REPO:svnsync synchronize file:///home/svn-repos/REPO
 * beanstalk: point web hook integration at http://trac/beanstalk_hook/REPO/
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