Topological persistence diagram (barcode) of a triangulation
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TD5: Topological Persistence

Authors: Joseph Budin and Dimitri Lozeve

Where to find the source code

All source code (in Java) is in the src/ directory. Input filtrations are at the repository root, along with some output barcodes. Some additional programs (for generating filtrations and visualizing barcodes), in Python and R, are in the python/ folder.

All the source code is available at

How to run the code

You can launch it from your favorite IDE. The Main class is in the src/ folder, along with the rest of the program. You can also change the input filtration by modifying the filtrationName variable in the main method.

Note that the filtrations A, B, C, and D are too heavy for git and are not included in the repository. You can add them to the root, along with other filtrations such as torus.txt, klein.txt, python/sphere_7.txt, etc.

Files included

*_barcode.txt files are barcodes, generated as outputs by the program.

All other *.txt files are filtrations. The name describes the topological space represented, along with its dimension for spheres and balls. and are Python 3 scripts that can be used to generate the filtrations for the spheres and the balls, from dimension 1 to 10. You can run them with python for example.

Java files in src/com/company/ are the main program. and are classes used by the main program in

Finally, report.pdf is the report containing the answers to the theoretical questions.