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A Node.js library for interacting with the Bitshares decentralized exchange (DEX)
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nodex-ws will be a Node.js + Websockets library for the bitshares dex allowing developers who do not want to use python to jump into writing trading applications. Disclaimer: Nobody has taught me node or websockets. Should be some ugly fun but that is why we iterate.

Things I want in this library

  • authenticate with any account (web)
  • list the balances of accounts
  • send money to other accounts
  • obtain list of specified assets
  • obtain a list of all assets
  • obtain a list of all asset pairs
  • obtain a list of asset pairs based on specified assets
  • check the ticker price of any asset pair
  • check the limit orders of any asset pair
  • check the buys and sells of accounts
  • manage buys and sells for any asset pair

wishlist (and maybe not belonging in this library)

  • authenticate with other methods
  • check the state of margins for accounts
  • manage margins for accounts
  • a hookable/actionable event system for all actions (eg. monitoring margins and taking action)
  • use the first public working or configured (and working) dex rpc node.
  • Structure and organization of code meeting an actually specified standard.
  • An interface for data storage is needed to reduce repeat calls to api for basic information
  • Determine the price of an asset pair with a seperate base. eg: usd price of bts:cny pair
  • Changes or a sister library will be required to use this directly on websites

Libraries used

Development Libraries

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