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This project was created by Florin Patan < > after reading
online on various source but especially using the template code from here:
Credis for the original framework on which this projects is based goes to
Kristina Chodorow < >
Currently I'm developing it as an open source project but I reserve the right
to choose the appropiate license, it will still be open source, in the future
as I'm focusing on developing it right now.
Should you find this useful or want to use it/make changes to it, just open an
issue on GITHub at: and let me know.
Also please include this file as well as the other copyright headers/files in
your project/application/what-not if you are using my work. Also please give
me some credit if this inspired you to do a better work that mine.
Feel free to contact me either on the e-mail address above or on GITHub should
you have any further questions.
Thank you for respecting my work!